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  1. he doesnt look scary at all, he looks like a hero. The only way you could find this picture scary is if you are a TERRORIST
  2. New shows Im watching; Brooklyn 99 (caught up to the latest episode) and Last Man on Earth
  3. Its the defining image of our generation, better jump the bandwagon or future generations will think you weren't cool
  4. I cant even tell what type of car it is but meanwhile, going full hipster
  5. Cooke gone girl is just a 2hr movie, you can and should definitely watch it because for sure it's better than any shows out there
  6. watching Gone Girl and its amazing so far
  7. being a groupie to a local reggae band
  8. ^I stopped watching at episode 5. Borrrrinnggg zZzZzzz now watching Attack on Titan. I tried to watch it before and couldnt get passed ep 3 without disinterest, but someone told me to stick to it till episode 6 to really get why its great
  9. last night's episode; is it the Better call Saul show or Better call Mike, amirite?