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Big update to FAST RMX

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Cooke    173


6 new tracks and 2 new cups

Titanium Cup

- Tepaneca Haze 
- Chuoku Habitat 
- Ice Coast

Iridium Cup

- Cameron Raceway 
- Sunahara Valley 
- Scorpio Mine

The 6 new tracks are crossover tracks. For example, 'Scorpio Mine' is a remix/crossover from the original 'Scorpio Circuit' and 'Willard Mine' tracks.

The update also includes some other improvements and tweaks.

- The CPU-driver AI has been improved 
- A hang on the loading screen that happened when your Switch wasn't powered down for a month has been resolved 
- Friend Online plays are now shown in yours 
- Switch console 'Friend Activity log'

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Alphonse    21

Nice. Wish more devs would do update like this.

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