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Do you support true equality?

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2 hours ago, kazie's saltyhermitdenial said:

few more brain injuries from cricket accidents and you are just like him you fag. 


Too bad I’m a cricket master.:tom5:

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18 hours ago, McWickedSmawt85 said:

Instead of going into the compexities of how poverty, drug war, oppressive police forces and the like affect black people and black crime, let me just ask you a very simple question:


Do you believe that black people are genetically inferior to white people?

How would anyone truly believe black people are inferior? They're the exact same thing with a different skin color. There are plenty of black people that are inferior to me, but not because they're black. There's also superior black people compared to me, but again, they're not superior because they are black. 

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6 hours ago, Truno2018 said:

Roflpwned is a conspiritard so he cares more about issues like fake moon landings, 9/11 troof and water turning the frogs gay.

Trannygay and the sidestrolling libtards pulling shit out their ass as usual. Keep crying :trump:

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