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  1. take that shit somewhere else, lets' keep the conversation about the forum update.
  2. I'm not taking it away. Just asking to take it easy on the server.
  3. btw i recommend using Gfycat instead of uploading to systemwars. Let's not waste the bandwith.
  4. just post the link and it should adapt. https://gfycat.com/MeagerInsistentApatosaur
  5. Just upgraded the forum and now we have access to emoji and WebM. Dark theme is not fully compatible with the forum at the moment, so it will be disabled until further notice.
  6. Nobody is forcing anyone to marry/date people of different races. There are not even ads for a push for diversity in marriage. So I don't know why you white nationalist get all crazy about this shit. You're all for freedom, but the moment someone chooses to date outside their race you go crazy.