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  1. What are you a 13 year old in the midst of his emo phase?
  2. If you’re serious I’ll be playing tonight You can find me on a little armada cruising around the sea.
  3. PS2 has outsold all Xbox consoles combined
  4. There is an Uncharted movie in production Just sucks that Fillion won’t be attached to it. Will probably be worse than this
  5. Pretty much. Nathan Fillion nailed it and the script seems pretty funny but man that direction was whack, felt like a looke like a fan project at times I do like how faithful to the source material it was though edit: wait it is a fan project? Weird
  6. Yeah Nintendo invented analog. And Sony improved it with dual analog
  7. Defending Neo Nazis and a puppet Russian stooge as your President Republicans are now everything they claim to hate
  8. The good old days when Americans were the good guys beating up Nazis and Commies
  9. BTW you left out the best scenes Multicultural Italian American with an African American trainer beating the shit out of the communist version of Hitler’s wet dream RussiaHBR
  10. Deeno is the dumbest mother fucker on this forum