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  1. Media/entertainment industry has been more liberal. Take into account the "great" comedians that get airtime would be supported by the powerful in media, who they don't bite the hands of. Chappell is the only one that comes to mind but he didn't challenge them, just walked away instead, quietly.
  2. Been told shrooms have that effect but all I got from them was a buzz. Looking into this:
  3. I'm not nor can pretend to be religious. 99% of these are religious, I looked into it before
  4. I don't slam or suck Dick to get high. The difference is huge when I know straight guys with kids who've gone g4p to get high
  5. Are you the racist who hates educated black people? Get out.
  6. Last week I swore I was done after wrecking now my 5th computer OS from hacking paranoia and locking myself out of my own phone and several accounts with password changes. But 1 week seems to be how far I can last. By "harrassing" my dealer, I meant I'm so desperate but don't want to spend the money that I asked my dealer to just smoke me up, each time I ask that, I get fake addresses to drive far to and he replies he's not there once I get there. But since he's my only connect, I can't get mad and just hit him up when I do have the cash
  7. ...and that's where my money goes and cut off friends and shut myself out of "normal" society and made enemies out of other addicts who are hackers and my drug psychosis blurs the line between their actions and what's in my own head. Other than those, completely fine
  8. No. I'm an addict not a junkie. If I sell my body or steal or turn violent for it then I will. For now I just harass my dealer too much
  9. Hi, I'm Z and I'm an addict. I draw the line at selling my body for it, but have looked and been treated as the desperate fuck I am.
  10. Don't remember him being in that movie at all lol
  11. Today's apes confused as our "ancestors" is one of my pet peeves
  12. "Method" acting is dumb. Me to was method acting for his Joker
  13. "Producing" could mean from micromanaging it to just sticking your name on it with no involvement