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  1. Considering it's the highest rated mid-range TV on the market you really can't go wrong.
  2. They're below that and that's why it's too embarrassing to report.
  3. The numbers that Microsoft's too embarrassed to report just like everything else?
  4. Makes sense considering Forza Motorsport 7 is a commercial flop.
  5. Goddamn you're a faggot if you didn't think it was good.
  6. At least you actually play this shit. Keep the plankers walkin'.
  7. Both of those single player games are better than Sea of Thieves and have way more content. Shit, you probably haven't touched Six of Thieves for over a month.
  8. Stop. That makes too much sense for lemmings.
  9. Just goes to show you how much more advanced PS4 is than Xbox. You need a 7.4TFLOP GPU to play PS4 games at 4K 30. You only need 6TFLOPS for Xflop games.