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  1. We'd have the cops lurking at this site in less than a day.
  2. I don't have a laptop. I use a tablet and only for drawing. Everything else, I do it on my phone.
  3. TCHBFR Bu bu teh Daddy if Warz difficulty ;(
  4. The Civic is too fast for the primitive mind of a dumb Boricua.
  5. They took the driver and passenger head rests. Steering wheel is fucked up. I left the car with the club in place so that's where the damage came from. Everything else seems ok.
  6. And police just found it, parked and out of gas. Fuckers stole my car, drove it till to an empty tank and stole another Honda right after mine. I can't believe cops can't find those fuckers yet
  7. Especially when you had to repeat chapter 4, four times. That's just shit game design.