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  1. Listening to this now. Kinda explains some of the stuff I mentioned in a better way
  2. If you only got a buzz, you didn't do enough. And yeah, some psychedelics can help you get over addictions. You just have to try several. Look into research chemicals too. DMT that you vaporize is easy to make and not very expensive. You don't need mimosa hostilis which you have to import you can just use acacia confusa. If you want a "bad trip" which for me is actually one of the most beneficial things, look into Hawaiian Baby woodrose / morning glory / LSA. It is one of the most mindfucky trips. There's also dextromethorphan / cough syrup which is a dissociative and I've tried it on cigarette smokers and they are able to stop smoking for a few days. You kinda need a real strong trip of something to "break" the cycle but you gotta put in your own effort too.
  3. He didn't work there...he worked as a bouncer somewhere else and got fired
  4. The story about the witnesses that claimed they were being racist was retracted yesterday lol
  5. You're right - I'm dead. But that because I'm an Angel - we only live in the after-life.

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      I'm going to get my wings too

  6. Seriously, this game had a good engine. You can just tell. If FF15 and addons was the only thing they made with it, what a waste.
  7. An OG Xbox is worth getting just for the emulation capabilities. It emulated old console games amazingly and from what I saw on a youtube video from a guy that writes emulators for consoles, even the Xbox 360 doesn't have as much support or was more complicated to mod or something. I recently played an Super Mario 64 on it and was amazed that it ran so smooth. I remember playing Castlevania Symphony of the Night on it, but that was a 2D game. Oh, it also plays Xbox games....
  8. Is psp and ps2 emulation by modding new? I remember having modded my ps3 as soon as I bought it way back then. Never bought a game for it lol.
  9. It was pretty funny when I got it on Sunday. Then some guy accused me.of hacking.
  10. Lol you need a source to tell you these guys aren't all white and also hispanic? The dad's facebook was full of clearly hispanic family members. Not that they couldn't have also been white, but really, what next? That the dad could have been adopted? That the shooter could have been adopted? Just to argue that he's not Hispanic?
  11. You're no better than him. Do you get offended by your momma jokes too? Resorting to violence over a stupid word. Pretty pathetic.
  12. In that case they won't mention that they have a Mexican friend named George Lopez cause 99.9% of the time someone has a typical white name they are white.
  13. 2 minutes of googling would show that he is of hispanic descent. He could have native in him and still be considered white. But people wanna pretend the way he is identified has nothing to do with the narrative they want to push. It even happens in local news and the racism between ethnicities is even greater. Depending on where their loyalties lie, and whether the person did a heroic act or crime, they'll identify people as either being from their country or their race. It's nothing new, but it's amazing how people want to deny this shit happens