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  1. this. especailly when you remember that jon plays 5.0's and killer binstink
  2. https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/fighting-ex-layer-review-one-on-one-fun/1900-6416942/ looks like every faction has games this summer -sheep get hollow knight and octopath -cows get fighting ex layer and yakuza -lemmings get avengers infinity war 4k blu ray
  3. id rather re-play the original metroids and castlevanias these games aspire to be but never match
  4. if youre giving context, its worth noting that switch wasnt originally part of the current set of consoles - wiiu was. switch launched as a mid-gen do-over/re-branding, that got a head start on dev cycles that normally take years. in that context, switch hasnt had a great first 15 months.
  5. lets not get it twisted, ps4 and switch launches arent comparable. ps4 launched after the end of a legitimate console gen while switch launched MID-gen after wiiu failed out of the market. dev cycles that took the better part of wiiu's lifespan were able to launch as switch games. see wiiu's first year to see what launching after a legitiamte console cycle looks like these days (except without third party). like, imagine how beastly ps5's first two years would be if sony ended ps4s lifespan/launched ps5 spring 2017, lol.
  6. yeah except the standard 4 button ps controller is perfectly adequate for fighting games as various high level players stand by them to this day. its only nintendo's "on-point" controllers (and microsoft) that seem to necessitate a third party option
  7. lol no, the gc's dpad is unusable. the ps2 version was best for playability with the the best out-of-the-box controller option, and the xbox version was best for graphics with 720p option. the gc version is actually the worst version.
  8. also since you like these controllers for fighting games, how good was gamecubes controller for fighting games?
  9. they controlled the camera in the VAST majority of games fighting games make up literally 1% of n64's library.
  10. the n64 controller had camera buttons instead of a second analog