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  1. I enjoyed Hard better. It was probably because I was my first run through, but it was "easy" most of the game basically until Winter. From there that game was very much a "fever dream" where enemies were constantly thrown at you. My first "oh shit" moment where I was running short on supplies was in the sewers, then basically when you start playing as Anyway. Still not sure if I'd throw down for the remake.
  2. I'm not sure if I want to buy TLOU for PS4. Already played and beat it on PS3 and frankly don't want to throw down the money for a double dip like that. I'll do it for GTA5, but not TLOU. Anyway, grounded mode on PS3 was a pain in the dick. Sneaking through the hotel mode was ruthless. I can't imagine getting to the end of the game with that mode. The city segments later on get fucking ruthless on survivor. Also, I never knew people on here actually played games.
  3. YEAH ACTUALLY 8 GIGS OF RAM - BOOM Headshot To be fair no one was expecting DDR3 was going to be used Really. I expected something faster (as did most everyone).
  4. Can someone rehost Remij's pic on imgur.com? Can't see it at work.
  5. PPC in both machines is the same design. http://www.amazon.com/The-Race-New-Game-Machine/dp/0806531010
  6. Well MS used Sony's PPC they developed with IBM. IBM was big enough jews to let MS use that design that Sony funded. Surprised there was no lawsuit.
  7. Look, technically it IS possible to have 16 cores. It's not too impractical. They'd have to downclock it to keep power budget within limits and to make sure they don't need a wind tunnel to keep the thing cooled, but it won't be 64 threads. It won't. It won't be hyper threaded either. That would completely create a cluster fuck for board complexities.
  8. haha you act like you arent Cuz I don't own a 360 I am? It's not my fault the hardware melts
  9. WhiffenPoo still ignores the part where the PS4 is supposed to be more powerful.
  10. Jesus, Cell is still raping new technology. Cell 2.0 in PS4 will shit on Durango
  11. Hey guize, guize! Listen! My...GUIZE! I have a laptop with 8 cores! If i- if my 2 year old laptop can do this! Then um, then Xbox 3 can have 64 cores!
  12. 16-core with 4 times multithread? Yeah, not happening That's a motherboard nightmare. It's probably a quad with 4 times multithread. In the end, creating a "16 virtual cores."