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E3 2018 Showfloor revealed

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47 minutes ago, Remij_ said:

That's a pretty small presence on the show floor.  If they don't have some other event or anything, then that doesn't leave much.  I wonder if they'll have a strong presence in any of the big publishers booths.  Hopefully, otherwise it will feel like MS barely showed up.


They better have a good conference lol...

In honor to their name Shitendo did shit for two consecutive years, even after Iwata died so I wouldn't be alarmed.

Maybe they will try something different.

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Actually he didnt say these floor plans arent real, PR shill that said this, that it doesnt mean they won't be at E3 "In a big way". Its basically the same spin DamageControl Cop gave.


Its all your XBox games are 1080p in reality guy.


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