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  2. I love how this became a hot news story this week, obviously because there was a deadline placed at 12:01am on Friday morning. But also because people thought this was going to be something they could use against Biden. Republicans were actually demanding, and trying to push forward legislation to FORCE Railworkers to continue working, and outlaw them from striking, and they tried to push that legislation because they knew Democrats wouldn't vote for that, and they wanted to lay the blame for the entire strike on Democrats. Nice attempt at Republicans at try
  3. https://www.cnn.com/2022/09/01/us/kansas-teacher-suspend-settle/index.html Pronoun gang HBR
  4. Peltola beats Palin, wins Alaska House special election By BECKY BOHRER 19 minutes ago JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Democrat Mary Peltola won the special election for Alaska’s only U.S. House seat on Wednesday, besting a field that included Republican Sarah Palin, who was seeking a political comeback in the state where she was once governor. Peltola, who is Yup’ik and turned 49 on Wednesday, will become the first Alaska Native to serve in the House and the first woman to hold the seat. She will serve the remaining months of the late Republican U.S. Rep. Don Young’s term. Yo
  5. Top Secret Sensitive Compartmentalized Information (SCI) can only be viewed and used in a SCIF, a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility.These buildings are believed to have specific construction requirements and are coordinated by security officers. Access to SCI is supposed to only be granted to people with at least Top Secret security clearances. Information such as that relating to US nuclear weapons wouldn't even be presented in paper form. It would be a digital file. So having the documents printed onto paper and LEAVING a SCIF room with those documents is a
  6. Reuters is simply repeating that WaPo is reporting this, as well. https://www.reuters.com/world/us/fbi-sought-nuclear-documents-search-trumps-home-washington-post-2022-08-12/
  7. One of Trump's people who was representing him in discussion with the National Archives, just revealed that the DOJ had already sent them a subpoena since "this Spring" to turnover documents. He was actually revealing this, apparently thinking this makes Trump look good and the DOJ look bad. But this basically proves that the DOJ and the National Archives had already tried less aggressive, but still clearly serious methods to let them know that they wanted stuff back, and they were going to start doing more legal actions to show how serious they were. So, no
  8. FBI delivers subpoenas to several Pa. Republican lawmakers: sources say Updated: Aug. 10, 2022, 9:10 p.m.| Published: Aug. 10, 2022, 5:43 p.m. According to multiple sources, several Pennsylvania state lawmakers were issued subpoenas or paid visits by federal investigators looking for information about U.S. Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa., and an effort to seek alternate electors in the 2020 presidential election to allow former President Donald Trump to remain in office. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)
  9. Here's the most basic explanation of what is known, because at this time the FBI nor the DoJ have given any official statement. The FBI search actually began since 10:00 am, Florida time, but the first anybody publicly knew about it was when Trump made a social media post about it sometime around 6pm. So this FBI raid was so 100% by the book, nobody leaked it out. Nobody in the media knew about it starting, nobody was even told after it had been underway for hours. Additional information coming hours later is that it is related to documents he had
  10. Russia is a shit hole. It should be nuked
  11. Of course it’s not, but do you guys lock people up for a decade for blowing stop signs too?
  12. What is there to hate about Biden? They keep him locked up in a room dementia pills and take them out for photo ops while others make the decisions.
  13. I don't think carrying weed in an international airport were they have the right to search your ass for drugs is a very good idea. But weed is great.
  14. @Team 2019 why don’t you guys like weed over there? I’d be given the dead penalty if my house was in Russia 😂
  15. And we have it all, on video, to see his expression as he realized what had happened: So the setup is. Alex Jones in a Damages lawsuit for the Sandy Hook families, for all the lies he told about the incident, and about them. Its not defamation, because he's already bypassed that, and is going straight to arguing the extent of damages. (he's also talking about moving his money, and declaring bankruptcy to avoid paying anything, but that's another story, and whatever he thinks he's doing isn't going to work) So, he had already given a
  16. LOL you hate Biden so much, because he's literally tearing your country apart............without him lifting so much as his finger. You'll be eating the cardboard packaging of your physical retail indie games for sustenance before the end of the year
  17. gold doesn't matter anymore. EU is on its way towards lowering its reliance on fossil fuels, which is fantastic And metals............well China will accept the US Dollar. The moment China accepts the US dollar, because China needs the business to keep their economy afloat...............none of what you say will remotely work. China is not going to stop doing business based on the US Dollar................not for those pathetic countries you just listed.
  18. PR stunt pulled out of his ass cause his rating are abysmal and the Dems November elections are going to be a disaster. PS. It's not going to help.
  19. Yes fake money backed by gold, oil, gas, wheat, metals and other commodities. I need to remind your retarded ass that the dollar is based on the oil commodity back in the 70s when they agreed to trade oil in dollar setting the standard
  20. crypto has a better chance at surviving, then your fake money.
  21. Mean Africa, Middle East, China, South America abandoning the dollar paying in local currencies and a future BRICS reserve currency. Absolutely resource rich regions with 3.7 billion people moving away from the dollars isnt a complete disaster. When Saudis start selling their oil to China for Yuan you know the world is changing and are running dedollarization.
  22. you won't be able to eat real food six months from now let that sink in. oh no............you're banding together with African countries, boy we sure are missing out.

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