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  2. The party of fiscal responsibility just pissed away 300 million dollars of taxpayer dollars. You know who that affects the most? The poor. Republicans only care about fiscal responsibility if it benefits them and the 1%.
  3. Republicans and right-wing dipshits in California utterly, utterly failed. bigtime. For starters, the only reason this vote even exists is because the people who wanted to do a recall (aka Republicans) usually have 160 days in a calendar year to gather enough signatures to initiate a recall vote. But this time around, because of COVID, the state of California was generous enough to grant an extension to that 160 day period for signature-gathering, and they were given an additional 120 days on top of that. And right-wingers were hoping to try and
  4. Yeah, when all of you collectively shit you pants when the Supreme Court rules quickly and decisively in favor of Biden. They'll be ALOT OF HEAT eminating from your ass completely melting down. It'll be fun seeing you cry, BOYE!
  5. Sweetie...........this is settled law. You have ALREADY BEEN SUBJECT TO VACCINE MANDATE before you ever stepped foot into a public school. You mean I have the audacity...........to point out basic fact that you are too stupid to have noticed already?
  6. Laugh it up. The fact that you have the audacity to for something this insane says all we need to know. You have no idea what people like you are getting yourselves into.
  7. LOL college students tried to sue and say that their college campus couldn't mandate vaccines for the school year on campus grounds. They tried to put an injunction. It was rejected by a Justice of the Supreme Court. Do you know who? Amy Coney Barrett, Trump's most recent nominated Judge. You really don't know shit. Its hilarious whenever I see a dumbass....................like you..............talk like as you confidently know what you are talking about. And you don't.
  8. No...............I'm pretty certain a 115 year old Supreme Court decision that SPECIFICALLY IS ABOUT VACCINE MANDATES will hold up. Especially since Biden didn't really institute a "mandate" because he gave businesses the option of giving employees weekly testing as an alternative. So that basically gets him out of the accusation that its a FULL-ON mandate.............it technically isn't But at this point, private employers are pretty much going to go with OSHA requirements, and they will pretty much make employees take the vaccines. Or else....
  9. Oh they'll get sued. But the supreme court already has precedent of upholding vaccine mandates. I love how you are going to be severely disappointed. I know that Fox news is trying to tell you that this is outright tyranny.............sorry, you're going to get a history lesson here whether you like it or not.
  10. Oh man, they're gonna lost their shit on that one. And he is issuing an order that requires employers to give PAID TIME OFF for employees to get vaccinated.
  11. Please bring over more https://www.yahoo.com/news/man-berlin-attacks-woman-allegedly-165227406.html
  12. Absolutely, fuck those people up. Bad. The crime is that if you use the CDC or any government logo for a piece of fake documentation, that's a serious felony. That is not a civil penalty. That's a federal crime. You will get fu-u-ucked. And deservedly so.
  13. You been saying this since 2016 and since then... You lost the house You lost the senate And then lost the presidency
  14. https://www.sfgate.com/hawaii/article/Chloe-Mrozak-fake-COVID-card-Maderna-Hawaii-16428293.php?IPID=SFGate-HP-CP-Spotlight

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