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You already kno based on who created it. No bullshit I don't like. If you're chill, fuck yah, speak on! I'm not gonna allow self projecting merciles self loathers like chimp. That's really my only common sense rule.
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  2. I quit cyberpunk lol. game's disappointingly shallow. (I think). Maybe later. https://imgur.com/afghvgk this happened though.
  3. First sidequest I see, take pictures of 20 glack looking paintings so you n johhny can have trippy moments, and misty can gaga about some mythic lore? da fuq. so I passed that. There better be bounties, or detective missions, or I'll be bored. Also I do need to doohinky further with these yellow 'thugs' and special NPC system. They have different star levels. Was I supposed to apprehend them and turn them in somewhere? That could be fun. 1 I approached kicked my ass. Another group I approached were kill-able, so that showed variety.
  4. Did my morning regime today. Actually not as lazy as I thought. Almost pitter-pattered at the end but, 5-6 hours, 5-6 work outs and 2 meals. I should do more, I feel like I could crush some free weights right now but don't have the bells, nor the energy. Someone else (next) write their gif and virtua blog. Don't make it complete nonsense. Trying to share the mic>>
  5. http://gph.is/2ck73mB this was fucking cute. don't spam. deep thoughts on gifs provided.
  6. I wanted a section for members to shoot the shit without fear of being doxx'd by weak outsiders.
  7. black face? your karma just went down. I had better ideas for you.

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