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  2. Cooke's gay, he'll care once it's illegal again for him to suck dick
  3. That's how mad you're going to be when they come for gay rights boo boo
  4. It's funny how it's incels who are the happiest about this. I guess if you can't have sex other people should be punished for it. Lol
  5. He says as they push us to pretend there are 72 genders and send people to prison because they wont pretend a man wearing womens clothes is a woman. Lordmerica showed some old spirit today, I'm so proud of you all
  6. This is the level of dishonesty that makes up Twincel's mindset which is the conservative line. They have hated feminist forever but now celebrate JK Rowling because she's a transphobe as well as other TERFs. At the end of the day it always boils down to creating a facade to cover for bigots. Lauren Southern was riding the anti-immigration thing for years. She's is young, very pretty, outspoken conservative so of course she was very popular. Then she married and has a kid with a Brown man and how quickly her followers began turning on her. Calling her a slut, fake Chr
  7. So twinblade is trying to shift his argument strategy to : why are you liberal guys trying to say what's good for women? After.............he just supported and talked about abolishing abortion like as if he was an expert on what's best for women.
  8. I fail to see how calling trans women, women takes anything away from anyone else and I'm sure you can't make that connection either. I can argue a 30 something year old man who has never been in a relationship with a woman in his entire life doesn't really care about their issues or them outside of hopefully manipulating one into having sex with him. If you had a social life and access to roofies you'd probably be Cosbying women all over Connecticut. Explain how transphobia helps women in any way? It's interesting how the right only talks about women when they are try
  9. Dude, you refuse to even define what a woman is yet you think your in a position to argue whats good for women and what isn't? This is why nobody takes progressives seriously. You choose to be outraged by events like this yet in the background you actively work towards undermining women.
  10. Lol aren't you the one who was laughing at women in the military and other professions? You don't give a shit about women or women's sports. You spent half of your life trying to learn how to trick women into liking you. You probably resent them at this point. It's crazy that you people are trying use your crocodile tears about women's sports in order to launder your transphobia.
  11. What's hilarious is that he wrote he told Zelensky "I want no pro quid pro quo" only because that's what the news used to describe the nature of his phone call. This man is the worst liar in history. But he proves if you lie with enough conviction, there will be people who will pretend to believe you.
  12. Why do you suddenly pretend to care about women's rights? Progressives like you are the ones who are trying to erase anything pertaining to women and femininity from the English dictionary as well as cripple their ability to compete in sports.
  13. Lol forcing women to have children they don't want in order to increase the population is almost the plot of The Handmaid's Tale you fucking little creep. Here's the thing, you guys whine about bad schools, government assistance, poor people, the homeless, crime, yet never have any ways to address them. How exactly does forcing women and girls to have kids they don't want not potentially add to all of the problems yall love to complain about? Yes, please say adoption then look up adoption rates, foster care population, cost of prenatal care, cost of actually having a
  14. No, you can't force people to procreate. Its literally a choice they have as free American citizens. You're basically saying that we have to think and make laws like a Chinese dictatorship. And if you are concerned about population growth.....................uh, its called immigration buddy. Guess that thought never entered your head. That's how we were able to have population growth during earlier periods of this nation's history. By accepting people into the country.
  15. Except you spreading infection is NOT YOUR RIGHT. That's why it becomes a public health issue. You are literally demonstrating that you do not have the right to encroach on OTHER people's rights, that also including their right to safety and well-being. Its why places can outlaw smoking and smokers from their premises. Does a woman having an abortion force other people to get abortions?
  16. Still cant answer the question I see. Millions of Americans didn't take the vaccine, which Jail are they currently locked up in? Republicans and conservatives actually played their hand too soon. And Clarence Thomas already said they're going after gay rights next and privacy in the bedroom. Both Abortion and Gay rights are things thw majority of Americans are ok with. Republicans are showing how they are actually for REMOVING rights and not actually protecting rights. This will play out well in November im sure
  17. yes, because it could be a presentation in which he could stand at the side of the podium while other people talk. but its choreographed............with seating. I love how you are trying to be as obtuse as possible, because your entire narrative falls apart if you aren't able to exaggerate everything about it. And once again.........Donald Trump had to write down his own denial on paper. He literally couldn't trust him to deny something properly.
  18. 'My body my choice'. Thats your party's slogan buddy, and it should apply to everything not just abortion.
  19. The population in the U.S. has been declining lately. Surely this would count as a public health crisis? I guess going by your logic abortion being banned is actually justified, because that'll slow down population decline....
  20. Lmao get the fuck outta here. He needs a card to tell him TO SIT DOWN AT HIS SEAT. There's no spinning something like that.
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