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  2. The projection is strong with this one. I was dispelling the lie that you retards were pushing about the shooter that has since been debunked..... The Facts are he was an incel who was also a lemming.... Did that hit close to home with you or something? Unlike you dumbos I did not assume his political inclination as that info about him hasn't surfaced as yet..... You guys seem awfully interested in rushing to mislabel him for some odd reason before waiting for the facts to come out.... That's odd Oh and Whites (non Latino) make up 59%
  3. LOL! You're truly the dumbest person alive. And I taught you what pump-and-dump is you twit.
  4. Is Remy still upset we're opposed to grooming Kindergarteners into queer theory?
  5. You're doing this slimy game? Of course you are. Okay. He wore black eyeliner and all black clothing, and as you and Jerry show, being an incel cuts across political lines. He's one of yours yet again. Just like the DC sniper in April who was a member of the Nation of Islam and had a picture of Yakub hanging on the wall of his apartment. Just like the NYU subway shooter also in April who was a virulent anti-white racist. Just like the tranny who attacked Chappelle on stage with a knife. Just like the Waukesha Christmas parade murderer who was also a virulent anti-white racist.
  6. He's trying to throw anything he can, to see what sticks. And it isn't working. Just like all those other times. Try staying on topic in your own thread, its less embarrassing than what you're doing now.
  7. It's usually right wingers who make this stuff out to be a liberal thing.
  8. Yeah cause everyone who is not a liberal wants kids to die..
  9. Oh, you're going with "being dumb on purpose." as a dodge. Cool
  10. No, you just continue to post misinformation. So much so that you clearly understand what I am saying. Its either that, or you're pretending to play stupid. So.........I guess what I am saying is that A.) You are stupid, or B.) You're pretending to play stupid. So my response would be the same, either way.
  11. Lol imagine being so stupid you fall for disinformation even after it's been pointed out to you as being fake. Cucke you continue to be living proof lol
  12. so you're pulling shit out of your ass, as well. like i said, you post misinformation...............and no, i don't care about you trying to make a statement about your other right-wing topics.
  13. this is what counts as a "victory" in today's world. they were able to stop the student and the gun at his car............this time around.
  14. no, Paul Gosar, a republican congressman tried peddling the theory that he was a tranny, that was debunked. and now you're attempting it, probably from the same sources he was reading.
  15. Absolutely. The moment Musk was to give the "there are too many bots on twitter" excuse because HE's the one who fucked up the deal, Twinblade is absolutely CUCKING and parroting what Musk is saying.
  16. Nothing like the real time destruction what these idiots post in here. Almost any stupid or untrue things these fucks say is because they just repeated something they read some right winger say.
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