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  2. Turns out it was another delay tactic by Musk to NOT actually purchase Twitter.. But to get them to drop the law suit by claiming he will honor the agreement. Twitter's lawyers and the Judge on the case saw through the BS and called his bluff ... The case is still on.. Scheduled to start on Oct 28th... He has 21 days until the 28th to close the deal or he gets fucked into oblivion.. He is fucked if he purchases it for 44 billion and fucked into infinity if it goes to trial on the 28th because he will have to pay a hefty fine and still purchase Twitter
  3. 10 injured after NYPD car driving on wrong side of road during emergency call crashes Shit like this is why certain crimes have been given a reduced response initiative. It was a fucking stolen car, this wasn't a pursuit of terrorist or a mass murderer. This is fucking ridiculous.
  4. Once again, Elon Musk is just trying to say things to try and buy time, and Twitter's lawyers and the Judge is not having any of it. He was basically trying to say that he will agree to buy Twitter, in order to tell the court to just delay the case for an indefinite period of time. Saying that he needs to work out certain terms. He was doing it to just delay the trial. He was going to drag his feet on actually buying Twitter. He was also, ultimately hoping to dupe Twitter into dropping the case if they believe that he's going to move forward on buying the company.
  5. This is too perfect I even read it in that cartoon french voice
  6. Creepy Matt Walsh being a racist creep and hypocrite like most right wing pundits. Funny how he doesn't think teenagers are able to determine their sexual preferences at that age but are ready and capable of getting married, having children and starting a family. It was never about what's right for young people and simply transphobia/homophobia. At the end of the day these people never shudder at teens being sexualized as long as it's heterosexual.
  7. Aza is probably one of those Putin bootlickers who supports the war but immediately fled the country when mobilization was announced
  8. Biden gets things done.. No theatrics.. Or politics, no asking DeSantis to be loyal or you don't get federal aide.. No delaying the aide etc. Now mind you when Densantis was a senator, he voted NO to sending additional aide to NY after hurricane Sandy because it was a blue state.
  9. Who would have thought Russia would have been the biggest provider of arms to Ukraine?
  10. Delusion appears to be a normalcy in Russia, but actually to understand the delusion this guy seems to sum it up pretty well why Russians are as retarded as they are.
  11. Aza and his boys need to march back to Moscow with their guns locked and loaded.
  12. now that's a blowjob. Things must be going swimmingly for Aza.
  13. When you're solely focused on culture wars instead of actually governing.
  14. Lol actually your initial point was that they were fighting thier hardest to prevent him from buying Twitter. Yet they went to court to force him to buy it. Your second point was that he was working to pay a lower price. Which also didn't end up happening. How exactly were you right again? And Lmfao when the fuck have you ever been right about anything in the first place. Sit your little cuck ass down.
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