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  2. A simplified take on Western leftist is views is to treat everyone with mutual respect and understanding based more on a secular ideology. Shocking and terrible to bootlickers/fascist/bigots who love hierarchies. I wont speak outside of the US but generally the Left messaging has from 2/3 to nearly 3/4 support from the general public. Almost all of the stuff you guys claim is crazy made up shit or purposely misleading or out of context information. You still can't actually name the terrible hive mind leftist ideologies you're talking about so you have to use "woke" like a lazy bot.
  3. Another point where all leftists are in universal agreement: The Ukrainian war. Only right wingers question it at all. Leftists are way too happy to indulge in the west official propaganda and be little war cheerleaders. Gonna add a little Ukrainian flag next to my name on Twitter, right next to my LGBTQ flag. Fucking morons. 90% of leftists are just happy to be part of the herd that proclaims they have the moral high ground. Proof of this : You do that shit every single day here.
  4. Every left wing in the entire western world espouse the same fucking talking points. The woke phenomenon alone is proof of the Sheep mentality of leftists, it's the same arguments everywhere. The authoritarian answer about Covid mandates is also enough and was the same everywhere. Hell, you're still crying about anti vaxxer to this day when people simple dare to question the efficiency of the mandates. Or the fear mongering of climate change and introductions of terrible green energy agenda energy that aren't feasible or proven scientifically. The way leftists demonize right winge
  5. Also, my point isn't about holding conservatives to their word or pointing out their hypocrisy. These people have no shame or honor. Look at the people here who are constantly proven wrong but haven't adjusted any of their expressed beliefs. It's just to illustrate why they are terrible and how obvious the fascade is.
  6. People just need to learn empathy for people different from them. It doesn't have to be some grand over the top level of forgiveness or loving an enemy. They just need to recognize that other people are just trying to make their way through life the same way they are. Right wing social media has been encouraging people to dehumanize or villify people with different views with lies and misrepresenting reality and history because they can't do it with policy or even religion anymore.
  7. my point is, we should be happy and encourage the teachings of Jesus to be seen as subversive, as opposed to crying about it when we can't use Christian conservatives' supposed preaching against them. "Yes, but that doesn't work anymore" in fact should be said more often to bible-thumpers threatening others that they are going to hell. There's absolutely nothing wrong with treating the "teachings of Jesus" as subversive bs whether because its too woke or anti-woke, its an outdated 2000year old text that no longer serves a purpose.
  8. I'm not sure what your point is. I dont believe in God or Jesus so it's not like I think the son of God said or did anything. The bible was written by literate people for specific reasons. I wager the power of religion to herd people was advantageous to the ruling classes of the world. What I am saying is there are a lot of people who fully believe in Jesus and believe the bible to be a historical record.
  9. https://www.columbian.com/news/2023/jun/03/letter-jesus-was-original-woke-guy/#:~:text=The current discussions of this,legitimately be called “Christian.” vs https://answersingenesis.org/jesus/jesus-woke/ "yes Jesus would be woke because he stood for the marginalized" vs "no Jesus would not be woke because he enforced doctrines that the self-imposed marginalize oppose" or "yes MLK would be woke because he too stood for the marginalized" vs "no MLK would not be woke because he was "colorblind" and against racial preferential treatment" But at least the wor
  10. This is moot. “I’m literally quoting Jesus Christ” is bullshit since Jesus didn’t write anything in the Bible. The pastor would have been quoting or paraphrasing hat is already a paraphrase of what Jesus may have said…
  11. Paging @Ramza to back up his claims. Tik Tok Tik Tok.. Times a wasting.
  12. They never encouraged violence, you're already starting to lie. What constant infighting are they having? The McCarthy power play that was about a few commitee assignments? I'm talking policy. What policy difference exist with in the Republican party or even just conservative media? At most it's people just being slightly more cruel than one another. So I challenged you to post any external data to back up what you say and of course it's just whatever nebulous yet paradoxically clearly inaccurate political assessments you can think of in your head.
  13. You might be the first person to ever call the Democrats coordinated.
  14. Rofl, thinking a corrupted organization like MLB that encouraged violent riots is equivalent to MLK. The left always speak with one voice on most issues while right wingers cannot get the party to work in unison like that with constant infighting. It's hardly praise anyway. Leftists are pure sheep mentality these days. You are not any different than the typical social justice warrior leftist in anything you talk about on here, just more intelligent.
  15. No that wasn't your point, you called him crazy because you assumed he wasn't credible. All it takes is one guy to get you to believe anything you want to believe. Hypocrite. Hell, you base your beliefs based on gossip and conspiracy theories that exist in the ether. I've spent the last 18 months asking you to provide receipts for your beliefs and nothing has been posted so far. You don't even have "one guy" to back up what you claim. Again, this is what I mean by about dishonesty and stupidity. The right is "divided" on what? Trump or DeSantis? Both men who
  16. Woah slow down chief. I don't know who he is. Still doesn't change he's one guy. You always seem to interpret one voice as if it means all of a sudden everyone on the right agrees on everything. If anything the right is far more divided than the world of current leftists due to diverging opinions. That's all I'm saying. Yes no LGBTQ is being pushed unto children. That's a conspiracy nut job talking point but saying right winged people would hate MLK today if I was still alive is a true fact. Happy?
  17. "What seems to be popular in this moment is not so much a prosperity gospel as a depravity gospel. In this depravity gospel, appeals to character or moral norms are met not with appeals of “Not guilty!” but with dismissals of “Get real!” Yet this depravity gospel tries to lure us in. It doesn’t matter if you get to it by adopting it outright, with glee at cruelty and vulgarity, or if it drives you to the kind of cynicism that doesn’t ever expect anything better. That way lies nihilism. You will find yourself in situations, and you may be in one of those situations already, whe
  18. We went from hating Jesus to MLK in half a second because of what some crazy pastor said. This is how your mind operates.
  19. https://nypost.com/2023/08/09/former-top-evangelical-church-official-laments-christians-who-think-jesus-quotes-are-liberal-talking-points/ So I was right yet again. This is why when Republicans pretending they liked MLK grinds my gears. MLK was woke by today's standard and he was a black activist. They would absolutely hate King in today's world.
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