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  2. Ohhh look @Cooke Twitter lawyers (Musk's Twitter lawyers at that) just told a federal Judge that nothing in the Twitter Files show that the platform was a tool for government censorship. And oooh look the lawyers also told the federal Judge the government wasn't paying Twitter to censor people.... It was reimbursing the company as they are required to do by law for complying with search orders. It's funny how when they get into an actual court of law they start telling the truth. As anyone with a functioning brain rea
  3. Lol woke chicken. New week, new dumb shit that means absolutely nothing to anyone's life that conservatives are complaining about.
  4. I'll admit I missing quite a piece of their history to put things into perspective from that point of view. I'll check it out.
  5. You should read Bloodlands. It brings to light why Ukraine views this war as an existential crisis. The pain and suffering that Russia has inflicted on them throughout history is unbelievable and really puts current events into perspective.
  6. Hilarious. This MEME will go down in history for sure.
  7. I'm not glorifying anyone. I'm stating a well known fact, and I was speaking in the context that comparing today Putin's Russia to Nazi Germany makes very little sense. I don't care if you trash the Soviet Union for the cold war or communism though but you were missing the point. Oh and check this out.
  8. You can glorify them all you want, but the Soviet Union was incredibly problematic during the early to mid 1900s and they contributed to the destabilization of Europe and the breakout of WW2. Its no surprise that modern Russia is a shithole considering what their roots were.
  9. Nah, you're just ignorant. Let me educate you, fool. Everyone knows Stalin and Hitler was allied before Hitler invaded Russia, his biggest mistake. You're not being very smart though for pointing that out. Here's a couple of facts: Russia had more war casualties than any other countries in world war 2 against Nazi Germany and the same can be said from the other side. The eastern front was far more brutal than Normandy beeches, Italy, Greece and anything that happening in France from the combined UK, American and Canadian forces in actions. Not even clos
  10. Uhhh you should open a history book. You do realize that many people would argue that the Soviet Union was the reason why WW2 started in the first place right? Stalin literally JOINED FORCES with Hitler to invade Poland ffs And one of the main reasons why they were able to hold off Germany was due to U.S. aid. The military aid the U.S. is giving Ukraine right now is actually nothing compared to what they gave Russia and the Soviet Union during WW2 And no, I don't like seeing anyone die. I don't view it in the narrow minded way you make it seem. I view it as
  11. You say it's propaganda, then reinforce your point by showing Russian military vehicle? Not sure I understand, you're pointing out a false flag operation or that Ukraine intentionally show civil areas to get to Russian hidden forces? Also the other invasion forces you talked about the other day apparently attacked Russian residential areas as well. More than once too. So yeah. I don't like the idea of portraying Russia as being anything like Nazi Germany and the second world war. If you can't see that's stupid then that's your problem. You probably think the US won W
  12. You posted a video that was basically Russian propaganda and somehow it was enough to make you brush off Russian atrocities and are equivalating them with Ukraine. Thats your 'neutrality' Interesting how the 'journalists' in the garbage video you posted conveniently managed to miss this on their way to Donetsk. The fact of the matter is that this war is the clearest indication of good vs evil since WW2. If you can't see that then that's your problem. And yes, I will continue to laugh at and make fun of Russians who deserve it. If I see a
  13. I watched about 100 of hours of footage from this war. I always wanted to be a soldier before, I dreamed of being a career soldier in high position. My heroes are all war generals of the past. But now, I don't. Ukraine is about the last place where I'd want to be on this planet right now. The west likes to downplay Russian military actions but man, it's insane how tough the fighting is. The problem is I'm not sure the people that remains in Ukraine and it's brave soldiers will have the moral to keep going forever like this. The amount of weapons used is just appalling
  14. I don't understand how I can't be neutral and acknowledge the fact that Russia invaded and acted first. I told you already, my loyalty only belongs to my home country of Quebec. Do we have a geo political agenda in this? Not even a little. There's no 'what about Ukraine?' coming from me. I'm not trying to divert attention of anything that Russian has done. Did I ever deny any atrocities coming from their side? Am I trying to pass a false narrative? No. Ukraine bombed residential areas intentionally. Time for you to deal with it. That's what war is, atrocities will come
  15. I don’t understand how you can be neutral in a conflict when Russia is the clear aggressor & on the wrong side in every way possible. Putin held a speech yesterday praising children right after he bombed Kyiv for the 17th time in a span of a month killing a 9 year old girl. This is the kind of evil that Ukraine is fighting against. If you can somehow be neutral in this type of conflict then I would seriously question your moral values. The ‘what about Ukraine?!?’ excuse you’re using does not work. Ukraine is defending themselves. They have made mistakes in that process, but to so
  16. When Ukraine was taken over by the Nazis, they were seen as liberators so there was no major animosity of Ukrainians towards Nazi Germany. Ukrainians celebrated their arrival. It's also worth nothing war has changed. Nazis didn't have devastating long range air to surface missiles like we see today. Goering came in, saw the native population, decided they were inferior stocks with no place in Nazi Germany and told them that would work them to death in factories and in the fields for the Fuhrer. That's exactly what they did. Ukrainians were nothing but slave laborers. If
  17. Nothing coming from Russian occupied territory can be taken at face value. Yes there have been Donbas casualties, but most of them were a result of Russian shelling. This is an absolute fact. Russia killed far, FAR more civilians in Mariupol alone than Ukraine ever killed during the entirety of the Donbas conflict stretching from 2014 - 2022. Hell, even NAZI GERMANY didn’t kill as many people in Mariupol during their own invasion and occupation during WW2. Let that sink in. The fact that one of Russia’s main narratives for the war is that they’re ‘liberating’ the Donbas is l
  18. That title needs to be updated. ”Russia has officially invaded Ukraine and Russia”
  19. Cooke is as big a follower/poser as possible. It's one thing to want a cost counting look at a war across the globe and acting as if Putin is 'based' and wants to fight Nazis. Even when trying to be moderate, Cooke can't help himself but slide far right almost instantly.
  20. Lol you are better off voting for Hailey or Christie. At least they weren't failed Govs like he was.
  21. Rumor is Pence might announce that he's running soon. If so then he will be my pick
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