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  2. Except their not. And polling already shows that. During the Nevada caucus, MSNBC conducted entrance polling that Bernie won the majority of: 1. Very liberals (30% of entrance pollers), no surprise there 2. Somewhat liberals (35%), no surprise there 3. Moderate/Conservatives voting in the Nevada primary (34%), he actually beat Biden in this demographic by 2 points. Take a look for yourself, its right there at the bottom of those two screenshots........MSNBC has no reason to make this up, because Bernie starting to win over Moderate/Conservative democrat voters (which would also be Independent voters) is not what they were expecting. This really has all the elements of Bernie taking over and beating Trump.........and you are looking more and more like a CNN pundit laughing it off, who is going to be massively wrong on election day. The argument back in Spring 2016 was that "Trump is only appealing for far right-wing, he will never get the moderates" LOL you're making the same exact mistake as they did back in 2016.
  3. More like >10 tflops. Its your logic after all. Don't get mad at us because of your God-given stupidity.
  4. A movie has multiple revenue streams. It releases in theaters and makes money. It then releases to VOD for a short period of time at a high price, and they make money from those willing to pay for it. Then it transitions to rental via Redbox (or even through Netflix's old mail service) and streaming rental. At the same time it goes on sale if you want to buy the physical disc. And lastly, it makes a bit more money after all of this if Netflix or HBO decides to have the movie on their service. I count at least 4 different revenue streams, and they are all spaced apart chronologically so that the movie can make money by moving it onto a different platform over the course of about 18 months. Video games do not have that luxury, as of right now.
  5. Remij wanted to get rekted. So I gave him what he wanted. He asked for it.
  6. This is a good thread because I needed to replace mine.
  7. There both 9TF, quit trying to make excuses for RTX 2070 Super coming up short in some games to RX 5700XT . You want to beat a RX 5700XT you need to go RTX 2080.
  8. I don't have to run anywhere 2070 Super > 5700XT... and that's 9.06TF vs "9.75TF"
  9. Epic and Unity both pulled out of the event.... yea.... the event will be cancelled.. no doubt about it now.
  10. lmao at giving people a choice at something so crucial. it should be nazi'd through appointments to check fire alarms are working, most people are dumb and dont care and thats why people die when a fire breaks out
  11. Washington Examiner lol Shout out to females on a lower tier of privilege than children of addicts, though.
  12. You got to run to 4K for cards meant for 1080p and 1440p. Even then the performance is still about evenly match.
  13. Today
  14. that's sad lol. it's why i'm in the middle - neither right or left. some views are left...others right.
  15. Yep. Those guys wouldn't survive circa-2002 System Wars. Would have been hanging from a shower rod 3 hours after Blinx flopped. It's funny too cause the people there will swear up and down that it's not a far left wing forum.... I dunno what others they're visiting. But the views of people on Resetera certainly don't match the average person in real life. It's why they're so often disappointed in things. They hear the same opinions being repeated over and over on that forum and then they start to think it's actually the popular opinon....
  16. i bet your klan brothers love you.
  17. so i finished Euphoria. the finale was beautifully done..but i wanted more. pros: it actually avoided all of the genre tropes cons: it avoided the genre tropes that make finales more sensationalized lol.
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