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  2. who needs Fall Guys when you can have BATTLETOADS This might be your Rocket League
  3. Well like Twinblade, I too did zero research on this, nor did I bring any facts; but it checks out.
  4. I think it's time to re-instate Cooke as admin. Something's definitely wrong with this site, and it appears to be yet again the same people who sunk Sidescrollers and SW in general. Run along to your Discord server, chaps.
  5. Im curious, do the US elections have a time limit on counting ballots? If this is a delay tactic by Trump supporters, would it actually result in less ballots counted? I just read the entire article and the press release by USPS. According to them they are trying to make up for a 9 billion dollar loss. If this is some scheme to tilt the results in favor of Trump then put your mask on and cast your ballot in person. Vote the twat out.
  6. They chose to be on the sidelines when our actual democracy and freedoms were genuinely being attacked, successfully attacked and compromised. Actual Americans, seeing what is happening with their own two eyes.........and they are just sitting by and doing and saying nothing. And then think we'll forget when they did that.
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  8. GOD DAYUM. Action kicks off at around :23
  9. There are a couple of nuanced facts that often get lost in the discussion of police reform in the US context: The biggest drag in police budgets is not the operating budget but pensions that police unions have secured over many years You don't only have to cut budgets but also redirect that to social program; but turning a neighborhood around through social spending will take years of concerted effort In some neglected neighborhood the problem is not over-policing but under-policing, where the cops have turned a blind eyes to minorities killing minorities usually leads to a sense of lawlessness Neither the enlightened left nor the fascists are ready to get into this level of detaill, though LMFAO
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  11. Meh seems like its very focused on up to the 4th gen We've had dozens of those sorts of stories done and they all seem to cut off there Why not do the last 4 gens? Rise of mobile, multiplayer, online, death of Sega, rise of Sony and Microsoft. The devs who made it big, the ones who died out etc.
  12. Seems to cover the same exact stuff as that video game documentary that aired on Spike TV like 3-4 years ago.
  13. Yea he is still pretending..... Yesterday I detailed the right wing talking points he has been spewing over the past year or so. Cooke ran out the thread like a Bat out kf hell
  14. ya. that's why i need to see the gameplay. like a lot of it. i bet RT will really bring out those puddles and reflections, though.
  15. car renders aren't indicative of how the game will look. Ya'll just keep on falling for this over and over again lol.
  16. I am most definitely not a conservative. You can criticize your own side. Its ok, thats how they get better. Please don't try to start a false narrative. If anything, Kamala is a conservative. She definitely loves locking people up for bullshit reasons.
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