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  2. We all like beer and games... That's all that matters...
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  4. Cant you read? Its a huge upgrade over the 3DS. Thats a win right there. Sheep always prevail!!!!
  5. The Mike Tyson podcast has quickly become my favourite podcast. The variety of guests, the great stories between Mike and the Guest, or the guest and how they'll tell a funny anecdote about encountering Mike during his prime; well, it's simply sublime. Just give the first five minutes of this one a try.
  6. Rofl I wonder if you are gonna lie about the performance patch for this one too REEF
  7. There’s only one way to celebrate. Dip your dick and balls in some ice cream and upload the pictures to systemwars.
  8. This FAILED piece of rotten shit isn't anticipated by anyone. NO ONE wants this FAGGOT game for LOSERS, stop trying to hype or generate FAKE EXCITEMENT for this FAGGOT FLOP. It's Over Laugh at Us Fagboys. You've been Rejected by society. Go die in a hole.
  9. In this thread we share our worst experiences with far left people. Besides annoying people on this forum, there are far worse out there. Some of them are chill, more than often, but some of them are incredibly crazy. Recently I defended the market with my economics degree to some leftist and he accused me of practicing eugenics and blocked me on facebook. I have more personal stories but I think sharing them would get me doxed. And in middle school I was especially a right wing troll. The teachers put me in detention just for being conservative.
  10. cows and fans walking right into a trap they're not prepared for, enjoy it suckers
  11. Slow Jonny hoping im bald like he is lol You were so concerned about Xbox that you ignored your wife and kid and they left you
  12. Goukosales Goukounter GoukosayhaveyouseenthelatestSwitchsaleshowaboutitbuyoneitwillmakenintendohappyok?
  13. 12 million sales lol . Thats probably when you went bald .
  14. I still posted the NPD threads during the Wiiu and GC days.... im not a bitch that runs and hide like your punk ass
  15. now post all the new games that have been released that sold gangbusters a 3d Mario collection/remake has never been done before... will be the first time for that. Pikmin 3 Switch doesn't exist. You say that all the while being hyped as fuck for RE3, the 2nd RE remake in less than a year (which turned out to be balls) and FF7 which you was for... a franchise that constantly re-releases and has a billion remakes/remasters.
  16. Sheep are hurt about the gc and wiiu . They love ragging on xbox at 45 million as a flop . Wiiu sold 12 million consoles ffs ROFL
  17. I dont recall you bragging about sales during wiiu and gc days . Xb1 sold more than both of those combined
  18. Yeah but it will rile everyone up, so for that I'm grateful.
  19. This state of play isn't even needed. The game is going to sell 6-8 million + in the first month I bet.
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