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  2. You're going to love it when I get sent back overseas to make my money? Yea, me too. Take the L cupcake.
  3. I work fool. I told your dumbass before, I do have a life.
  4. Ninja please, I've been buttraping you in the politics thread for two years.
  5. Actually cupcake Mueller found people that had done bad shit YEARS before Trump ever thought of running for president. Trump will be reelected, and now that Mueller is no longer on his shoulder democrats are going to get hit with a shitstorm.
  6. It's because he's authentic. He's not trolling, he truly believes this shit.
  7. and no, I don't cut my own hair because I'd severely mess it up. The only way it could possibly work is if you were just doing a machine straight through it, and even then it'd probably come out amateur.
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  9. Ys VIII is an absolutely must play and one of the best games this gen.
  10. As far as consoles... This game is best on Pro confirmed. Not only does pro have an higher avg frame rate...... it also actually hits 60fps as the highest frame rate. Meanwhile the 1X NEVER gets to 60fps not once PS4 pro has been outperforming 1X on a consistent basis so far in 2019
  11. When I was in like high school I did. My shit is too faded now to do it myself. It sucks bc I get anywhere from 2-5 haircuts a month, roughly 70-175$ a month in haircuts lol
  12. Fucking hell a good post from Spicoli. I never thought I'd see the day. Actually coherent and makes sense too. Yeah the very first post in this thread was by jerry attacking cooke personally to deflect from the topic at hand. Seems jerry has a lot of pent up rage inside and so he starts arguments. Understandable given that he's an incel. He really does bring it on himself he gets too emotional when people take issue with something hes said.
  13. Schitt’s Creek is pretty funny. I hated the pilot, but the show gets a lot better as it progresses.
  14. Jehurey purposely goes around trying to start arguments so I don't think people are actually approaching him to argue. It's more like he's coming in here and trying to argue with everyone because he finds it fun. So it seems that he's often arguing with others which he is, but he actually mostly sought out those arguments. This is part of the reason some people were calling for post limits on his account. He often came in and derailed threads in some other crazy direction and it was hindering forum discussion. In short, he's kind of a troll. lol
  15. Just as I predicted.... Apple is copying this galaxy S10 feature. Watch Ghostz love this now that it will be on iPhone Oh and now the new airpods can use wireless charging through the case.... just like the Galaxy pods. Apple’s next iPhone might be able to wirelessly charge other devices Being able to wirelessly charge off of an iPhone would be useful, especially after Apple that the second generation of AirPods would come with a wireless charging case (as well as rumors that wireless Beats Powerbeats earbuds are coming) — a feature that would be extremely useful if your headphones or Apple Watch die while you’re out and about and away from a charger.
  16. Look at him he keeps going and going and going because his autism and his pride make him feel like he has to have the last word every fucking time He was the very first person to reply to this topic and he did so by going off topic and attacking another user, yet he's trying to turn it around on others now thinking he's smart. God what an irritating fat bastard he is I know I call you autistic deeno but in all honesty you're nothing compared to jerry. He's the very fucking end of the spectrum. look at him babbling bollocks now about Nazis and blah blah blah, completely fucking wrong as always but still trying to go off topic and dodge the point at hand because he's a fat pizza-faced coward. As JonB would say....LOL!
  17. Actually... you seem to forget how before the investigation Trump and the right was pushing the narrative that nothing happened.... no foreign power interfered in the election. Then as the investigation progressed the Narrative changed to... ok something happened.... but it could have been anyone but did not have to be Russia...... then it changed to... ok it was Russia.... but the Campaign and his cabinet had ZERO contact with Russia during the campaign. Then it changed to... ok... only those campaign officials and those members of Trump's cabinet maybe might have had contact.... but they never said they didn't. Then it changed to... oh wait they lied under oath about their involvement with Russia and they're getting indicted? .... ok... well it's only those senior campaign officials and senior members of his cabinet who knew and Trump knew nothing. Then it changed to....even if Trump did know... Collison is not a crime anyways. With over 34+ people indicted, the exposing of what Russia actually did and the exposure of all the rotten people in Trump's campaign and in his white house Cabinet who had collusionq with Russia and lied about it under oath .... and then we got to the final stretch of the investigation.. where they were looking into if a sitting president can be indicted.....and Trump's legal team were pushing the narrative that a sitting president cannot be indicted...... and now the investigation is complete..... and you guys are celebrating before the full report is made public? this was far from a WMD moment *footnote Let's not also not forget the pornstar shit that they claimed never happened. Then it changed to... ok it happened.. but we never paid her off. Then it changed to... ok... she was paid... but Trump knew nothing about it. Then it changed to.... oh you have a copy of the check that he used to repay Cohen?.... oh... well um...
  18. Ive been cutting it myself for like 10 years, but then I got tired of it, so now I go to the hair dresser land each time.
  19. You're already playing with mouse and keyboard, WTF do you need an aimbot for? Goddamn, that's pathetic.
  20. Wanted to watch something light. So I had seen a scene from this Netflix documentary about flat-earthers. Its called Behind the Curve. Its pretty goddamn entertaining, and genuinely interesting. You could enjoy it as a way to make fun of the people, but the movie starts focusing in on something very touching regarding people, in general. You start seeing how some of them sound like opportunists, some of them are people who have a chip on their shoulder and they believe things out of defiance. There are stronger believers to control weaker believers. And you should watch it with other people, because you or they may end yelling at the tv screen. They also talk with normal scientists, NASA scientists, Caltech Professors, and astronaut Mark Kelly. Oddly enough, the scientists don't go into spouting numbers and data. The scientists genuinely talk about feelings and motivations that drive these flat-earthers. They come to the conclusion that they have no choice but to have to feel sympathetic to those people, and reach out to them with an olive branch. Because its not about them being stupid, or lacking intelligence or education. Its that there are people who get mis-education, and they fall into misguided beliefs. And when society pushes them to the fringes, they find comfort from other people that are at the fringe (other flat-earthers). It ends up becoming an identity that they cling onto. The scientist people are no longer talking about flat-earthers, but the concept they are talking about is much more universal. It explains cultism. So you spend the first half of the movie utterly laughing at them, and then you spend the latter half starting to feel sorry for them. You see that these people are happy, but you're sad at what they had to do and believe in to find this camaraderie. These poor bastard just want to belong to something. I think its an interesting documentary that captures everything you need to know about that phenomenon, and then it goes a step further to explain something universal. Still, you're gonna make fun of flat-earthers after watching this. They're ridiculous.
  21. Nah, I just call my sister and she comes over and cuts my hair for me. Speaking of which it's about time for a hair cut...
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