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  2. Right? It reminded me why I used to love Zelda.
  3. How can you bash RTX then hype RT for next gen consoles. It makes zero sense. Stop being a retard.
  4. Is this a remake of the first grid? I'm really not liking how developers are naming their games now. The next Mario should just be called Mario.
  5. Today
  6. TLOU was last Gen's best game imo. Only second to Dark Souls.
  7. Get ready for this game to over shadow Nintendo's entire lineup in 2020.
  8. Barely squeaked by... and that's without Big Ben playing.
  9. I cannot believe how much work they put in this game. The dirt roads in Wildlands get wet muddy in rain and the water reflections. You guys completely underrated this game.
  10. -death stranding -mediEvil -Shenmue III -the lesbius p2 -FF7r -Ghost of Tsushima -nioh 2 -Yakuza 7 -Persona 5 R -YS 9 -guilty gear -granblue fantasy RPG -Granblue fantasy versus -13 sentinels -sakura wars -Iron man vr vs -ori 2 (indie) -bleeding edge (f2p) -battleturds (Indie) what's that rule in little league baseball? the one that doesn't let the other team get too many homeruns so the loser kids don't get embarrassed? MS needs that right now.
  11. a week before FF7R and the inevitable PS4 PRO custom FF7 console? Who the hell has $60 for this mid-tier cinematic game at that time?
  12. Spicoli dying to play as someone that would fuck a man
  13. “We didn’t play perfect today, but our record’s perfect.” -Richard Sherman I despised this guy on the Seahawks but damn am I not loving him as a Niner now.
  14. i won't be playing this either, hate this franchise.
  15. Is Ellie still a lesbian? How do you guys feel about playing a dyke? buh buh buh Gears 5 @Bodycount N
  16. Started Zelda tonight, got halfway through the second dungeon. Amazing so far.
  17. I don't know how this team manages to win games.
  18. Pretty much. Forza is perfection. Sorry to break it to ya.
  19. Grindstone is dope. Need more games to play though, im on the free month so I might as well make the most of it.
  20. AI The Sominum FIles is ok, but its not really my cup of tea compared to the zero escape games. It leans a lot into its anime/fantasy themes, and so far that hasn't been much actual puzzle solving at all.
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