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  2. You obviously know I want you to elaborate on "my hot take on this".
  3. All of those things have been getting better and better for decades. But now it's taking another turn and its much more dramatic. Its the destruction of our western culture that I'm worried about. Humans have never had a more equal and just society. Yes it has flaws but they are continually fixed and we grow and get better. But now we have movements of people wanting to tear it all down. It's extremely prevalent in universities and spreading to every sector of society.
  4. Unless there is a hidden post I don't know what you're talking about.
  5. I asked you to specify and you chose to dodge.
  6. I'm not "woke" at all. The biggest problem from a social aspect that respecting women, being ok with gay people adopting kids, or trans people using their preferred bathrooms, being prochoice, and acknowledging that behavior that was once considered chill is in certain aspects problematic. Apathy and willful ignorance has become a platform for many and as generation refresh there are growing pains. Some SJWs might be asking for a lot but not everything they asking for is going too far. Representation in media and politics is a fair ask. There are no perfect solutions but there is room to grow and the actual cost to society is nothing so it's not like anyone has to give anything up. The saying about equality feeling like oppression is prolific. Your privilege is strong, please stop acting like a victim or some destructive wave is coming to destroy humanity, basically stop being a dramatic little bitch all the time.
  7. Yes I get that you're woke af but you're asleep on this issue. This ideology has infected every part of our society now and it's getting worse at a rapid pace. Maybe try watching instead of brushing it off.
  8. Yeah he couldnt answer because he knows I'm right. How the fuck is it not a double standard?
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  10. He's s cuck for Trump and he's not even American?.... What a fucking beta male
  11. NYPD has had a lot of officers out sick, so I could understand it from that angle. It would just undercut the NYPD funding cuts if fewer officers meant more crime, so I doubt that's what he's getting at.
  12. I really don't understand how police reform turned into getting rid of police.
  13. unfortunately she gets nervous quite often and loses her place. Its the end of liberalism.
  14. NYC mayor De Blasio blames their surge in crime on corona This guy is a complete hack who has allowed the city to turn into a warzone and still won't accept responsibility for his terrible policies and complete lack of leadership.
  15. He’s just a random encounter in that map. https://youtu.be/f3NTWDx00W4
  16. Okay, then throw these traitorous terrorist statues in a museum. By the way, several of these statues/flags were put up to scare Blacks. But I'm sure you knew that fact.
  17. there were tons of guys, like 16-18 year olds who were forced to fight in this war regardless. they were barely capable of rational thought and were unlucky enough to be thrown into a war they may not have even believed in. many of these men have left behind generations of american families. the monuments stand as a dedication and memorial for all of them. they shouldn't be scrubbed from history. Especially when you consider blacks were still treated as sub-human by the union soldiers as well. This whole 'the war was fought to end slavery and the union were the good guys and the confederates were the evil nazi;s" is one of the dumbest things i've ever seen. Isn't this stuff taught in public schools? Can no one pick up a book and find out themselves? it's dumb to go back and look at a statue of Robert E Lee and infuse it with your modern day beliefs about racism. Robert E Lee wasn't a clansman black-hater who rode around lynching blacks, nor was any other confederate soldier necessarily for that matter. If you look at Robert E Lee and think he's like history's Darth Vader/sith lord/evil black-killing war general then you're retarded.
  18. Still waiting to see anyone coughing or dying on the side of the street. And my neighborhoods/areas are supposedly the worst hit. I still pass by all the homeless people and they're all chilling with masks off. Miami politicians are corrupt. That's nothing new. Since when the fuck did they care about people? Never. They're obviously being paid off because there is no way they would give up that tourism $$$. I know, it sounds like a "crazy" conspiracy theory
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