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  2. Should this be an official thread, since a handful of us are playing it?
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  4. 90s easily because gattaca was made and it's the only movie that matters
  5. Nah the 80s has the 90s beat Nightmare on elm Street The Terminator Platoon Tron Indiana Jones Escape from NY High Lander The Goonies The breakfast club Young Guns Big Trouble in little China Untouchables Beetle Juice Road House Romancing the Stone The Abyss Scarface Batman Predator Return of the Jedi Bloodsport Mad Max Kick Boxer Karate Kid The running man Rocky Rambo Commando Ghost Busters Jewel of the Nile Cyborg Back to the Future
  6. Gonna have to say the 90s. There were real original mega blockbuster movies that weren't just super hero movies or remakes. Jurassic Park Forrest Gump Pulp Fiction Goodfellas The matrix Toy Story Titanic The Sixth Sense Saving Private Ryan The Lion King Home Alone Terminator 2 American Beauty Total Recall Best decade ever . Now tv is great and movies are meh
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  8. I was wondering why TWEWY wasn't on STEAM. Looks like it's a EGS exclusive. I don't mind waiting for that game though, I wasn't feeling it.
  9. yeah and they're completely different in the way they play entirely. this game is as funky as Persona 5 in many ways. Oozes style
  10. About as much as needing to play Persona 4 to appreciate persona 5 Jrpgs NEVER require you to play game x to enjoy a sequel with one or two exceptions
  11. do you have to play the first twewy to appreciate the 2nd?
  12. same bro. i did it for 3 and 4. i bought my og xbone when 2 released. it wasn't as big of a franchise then, so i think there was only the $60 version. i, naturally, got it when it released. this has been my favorite racing franchise since the first one.
  13. Yep, me too. I always buy the Ultimate Editions of these games.
  14. yeah, it ran great on the basic xbone. playground games are some of the best devs.
  15. this will be a site to behold on my series x. i bought the $99 ultimate edition, so I can play this 4 days sooner (plus, the dlc will be SICK!) that's how hyped i am.
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