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  2. 1. Dino Crisis 2. Dead Space 3. Silent Hill That's all I want from that list.
  3. great example, only the most celebrated game in the industry for the year of 2019: https://gotypicks.blogspot.com/ 9.0 is actually too low for that game
  4. China just happens to be the area if origin of a virus. You need to be brain-dead to blame a nation or race for this. Wtf.
  5. Dont care about Skate or Bully but I'd try all the others. Dead Space would be amazing on next gen consoles .
  6. He like Edmond Honda, without the muscle.
  7. watch out, jim, the guy is a street fighter
  8. You need to go to jail and be fed only kale.
  9. All because ps5 is flopping smh In his letter, Walsh said the risk of contracting the coronavirus in Boston and Massachusetts remains extremely low and that officials have no reason to believe that anyone should cancel their plans to visit the city.The mayor also said that fears about the coronavirus are fueled by confusion and lack of information, which has led to the growth of anti-Chinese and anti-Asian sentiment in Boston and around the country."These fears reinforce harmful stereotypes that generations of Asians have worked hard to dismantle," reads Walsh's letter. "They trigger our worst impulses: to view entire groups of people with suspicion, to close ourselves off, and to miss out on the opportunities and connections our global city provides. Boston is united in our efforts to dispel these harmful and misguided fears."
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  11. Death Stranding 9.0 Yeah that sums about right Cowspot.
  12. Fury is much better, but wilder gots a deadly ass right punch. Going to be interesting. If he connects, the fight is over
  13. I don't know ANY of these muthafuckas, I was looking for an excuse to Marg it up. But by the middle of the second round, I'll be an expert on both of them and there fighting styles.
  14. Way ahead of you. who you got bruv? Fury or wilder?
  15. Its National Margarita Day, as well. And you KNOW I'm gonna be Marg'in' it up, bigtime. Thank you for the links.
  16. I’ll have to try that out tonight. I usually use crackstreams but during big events it kinda craps out and I have to restart it.
  17. Chris Matthews and Carville looked ready to die.
  18. Buffstreamz.com is where I stream everything now. I can watch everything from sports there. It’s godly.
  19. Yeah, MSNBC is talking like as if its over, with 9% reporting. They just haven't officially called it. But they already have alot of exit polling in which they've broken down the demographics, and Bernie is just absolutely blowing them out. 51% among latinos, next best is Biden at 13% 60% among voters under 45, next best is Buttigieg at 13% And voters OVER 45 years old?? Biden wasn't able to hurt Bernie there. Both Biden and Bernie tied at 20% each for older voters. Union households..........remember the Culinary Union basically sent out a threatening letter to their employees saying that Bernie was going to take away their "hard fought" healthcare............Bernie won the most voters that came from Union households at 34% The voters were split almost exactly among IDEOLOGY "moderate/conservative" around 30% "somewhat liberal" around 35% "very liberal" around 30% Bernie won ALL groups...............even the "moderate/conservatives" 25% Bernie, 23% Biden, 19% Buttigieg, 13% Klobuchar. So far, Bernie has gotten 42% of the votes........again SEVEN other candidates on the ballot. That's amazing, and its sending a message that MODERATE DEMOCRATS, CENTRIST DEMOCRATS may actually be starting to come around on Bernie. And if that happens............its over.
  20. If the other one doesent work this is a good back up plan http://crackstreams.com/
  21. http://bfstrms.xyz/watch/boxing
  22. MSNBC is in full meltdown mode today with Bernie’s win. Fox News called it for Bernie already.
  23. Yo...........whatsup. I'm trying to find where da people would be going to view an online stream of the boxing match tonight.
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