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  2. DynamiteCop! having another meltdown.
  3. Me: someone who has played it You: someone who talks about things they haven't played and trying to take a win because a trailer was captured on PC
  4. Who's bashing it you absolute moron? You're overpraising like a dumb dickhead.
  5. It's SW, I don't make the rules. and a lemming bashing a game for an 87 meta is even more hilarious
  6. 10/10 lmao, get your head out your ass.. Bu..bu...but GameSpot! What are you, fucking 12 years old?
  7. Everyone who is playing this 10/10 epic right now cares. Good to hear if that something is on PC a year later too then there is no reason to care about it. Wonder how much we should care if something is on PC day 1 also
  8. Yeah except it's like 1/5th of a game, and will be on both PC and Xbox so who cares...
  9. It is quite funny that it's right there in the official PS video of it... but I doubt they care. It's a year away.
  10. The trinity of getting fucked is not having the game to play right now Enjoy the PC capture and enjoy the nothingness of Xbox.
  11. I just find the whole thing hilarious, Sony posting it, the producer has a special message and at the bottom it's PC gameplay. It's like a trinity of getting fucked.
  12. So glad you're loving it. It only gets better.
  13. I was gonna post this. lmao.. PC version confirmed. That said... I'm 5 hours into the game and this is everything I could have hoped for and more... omfg I can't believe it
  14. Chapter 12 truly is amazing. Anyone who thinks this isn't a better retelling of the story so far up to that point is high AF on nostalgia.
  15. So.. Like a year after the next gen consoles release?
  16. Never heard of it. What's so bad about it? Edit-NVM. Misread the title, thought it said Cannibus Hologram... LOL
  17. You need to add Atari systems to your collection. and give your PC some love, with a new case.
  18. While redundant, it's interesting that this pandemic exposes who the pure fucking idiots are.
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