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  2. At least a lot of people on the left outside of the Dirtbag Left are ashamed at themselves for getting caught up in the SJW outrage machine. A ray of hope.
  3. Twilight Princess and Spore. Especially Spore... like holy shit the hype for this game was insane, quite possibly the biggest flop of all time.
  4. Alan Wake. Had it pegged as my top contender for GotY coming into that year. Stopped playing it halfway through. Hated the gunplay.
  5. For those with both platforms, think long and hard before you get this for the 'Loaf. I know, because I got RE7 on 'Loaf and it was a completely second-class, second priority experience. PC is dead last, 3rd rate too. Every step of the way, Capcom will back the PS4 with this game. Early DLC, Early skins, etc. I remember twiddling my thumbs for 2 weeks with RE7 because all DLC was delayed on 'Loaf. Never letting that happen again, especially not with a title of this calibre.
  6. 1. I love. 2. Well you've turned into giant authoritarian faggots. 3. Supposed. The students' buses to return home were stationed at the Lincoln Memorial and they were told to be there before they departed, you insufferable faggot.
  7. Feels like being a PS gamer and knowing you're first class and the priority.
  8. Classic PS1 models for Leon and Claire, costume DLC, available on Japanese PSN cards at launch and then free for everyone march 22nd.* *Xflop Done version not sold in Japan (lmfao) so we don't know if the 'Loaf will get these. GOTY in January, OMFG
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  10. Switch sold the most hardware for Calendar Year 2018 in the United States. and continues to fall off a cliff Xbox1 also saw the largest console sales drop for Dec... Dat Growth Hardware Ratio Switch: 1 XBO: 0.52 PS4: 0.45 Other: 0.76 3DS: 0.19 YoY: Switch: +18% XBO: -32% PS4:-24% Other: +52% 3DS: -56% Dec Hardware Numbers. Switch: 1.77M XB1: 920K PS4: 797K NPD 2018 YTD Total NSW: 5640K PS4: 5330K XB1: 4340K
  11. I read all of that and I don’t think a single line made any cents.
  12. i bought that trash for $60 at launch because it had Inafune's name slapped on it. Tapped out after 2h it was so terrible. Another half-done, phoned in fauXclusive from MS.
  13. I already this guy, and pulled out the hyper link (Dallas Escorts, rofl) so I thought it would be more fun if we could all enjoy this.
  14. Also, Jimbo how are you not in this line of work?
  15. It isn’t just how darkish your room is or how lots clean jazz you play earlier than heading into dreamland that impacts your sleep nice – it’s the location in which you sleep, too. but in view that every body is a touch distinct: Is there a excellent side to sleep on?dallas escorts anyone has a propensity toward one function or any other, but aspect sleepers are the maximum common of the bunch. despite the fact that dozing on one’s lower back is good for spinal help, facet sound asleep is the following exceptional aspect. doctors even advise aspect drowsing over again sleeping for any girls with a bun inside the oven, and for sleepers who are susceptible to loud night breathing or sleep apnea. but that doesn’t suggest all is good and dandy inside the bed room. side sleepers may locate themselves tossing and turning extra than lower back sleepers, which results in decrease quality sleep. in addition they be afflicted by frequent proper or left shoulder pain, sore neck, and back ache. This position has been shown to purpose extra wrinkles and even sagging breasts. even though there isn’t a good deal we will do for the ladies upstairs, we are able to share some insider facts the way to sleep for your side and come up with some suggestions for sound asleep higher and waking up feeling greater rested.
  16. Much better than Eminem... especially these days. Royce
  17. How they customize their paint is up to them, it's harmless pride paint for school and sporting events. You're a dumb fuck homeschooled socially inept moron. You faggots literally try to get offended, you're not just easily offended by nothing; you actively seek it out. What about their blue out's and white out's Jerry? Jesus christ your connection with reality is simply non-existent. The funniest part of all of this is that you leftist psychopaths cry wolf on so many fake, irrelevant or delusional things that when/if something serious and real actually took place no one is going to give two shits because they're sick of hearing from you nut jobs.
  18. Blackout events have kids put a white outline around their mouths and eyes????????????
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