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  2. Ep 3 of sharp objects was awesome. Amma is creepy.
  3. damn switch really assraped PS4! Great news! Seems the PS4 fad is finally dying off, best of all, where as Switch continues to steal all of PS4's japanese exclusives, Microsoft continues to buy up great Western developers such as Ninja Theory both damaging the PS brand further. Look at the past year, hellblade, nier, wild guns reloaded, ys8, and many others were all lost by PS4 as exclusives. The value proposition and the legacy of the PS4 continues to be tarnished. Add in Switch exclusive JRPGs like Octopath, MonHun Gen, and World Ends with You and PS4 is firmly behind in Exclusive Japanese games.
  4. Except selective moderation when your butthurt (dumboson)
  5. I'm as effective as the current mods because you don't actually have to do anything
  6. Today
  7. You know horizon 4 release right about the same time as this Lol movie games
  8. NVN is the native API of the system... Vulkan, OpenGL, and OpenGL ES are graphics specific APIs supported through compatibility.. much like they are on all hardware...
  9. Big Poppa Pump would do a fantastic job. Especially in bringing the hammer down on the filthy sheepturds and cowshits.
  10. uhh you're flat out wrong. The BF1 reveal trailer is at 59 million views.
  11. i thought i was a mod but apparently i only have the ability to edit posts and nothing else.
  12. The game doesn't go away of you bought it . It's always available to download again
  13. That blows. But then again, I haven’t played 2 in forever, so it’s all good. 4 can’t get here soon enough.
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