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    Not as long as waiting 6 months just to be able to play it. THHBFR
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    This one's really good too and has a polished chrome surface, requires no power outlet you only need to operate it once
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    God of War no.2 AGAIN! In 3 months of charting it has still never been outside the top 2. Or as @DynamiteCop! says: "Sales falling off the fucking cliff" . Meanwhile SoD2 went from 1 to 20 in a month
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    Is that the version where the game actually works?
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    Behold, the Brain Dead Trio Bhytre The whiny 360 gamer (cause he got no games to play on One duh) who spends his free time spamming the boards with D-tier jokes that only Danes find funny. Dont get fooled by his extreme fascination with 'masculinity', its only a safe cover to hide his weak incel ways. Ramza Ramza is most likely the leader of the group, as he is certainly the most vocal. No matter what you say he will counter you with a random contrarian point (even if that point was used against him days ago). He doesnt care what topic it is, as he enjoys to spam the forum just for the sake of argument, something that most likely led to his GF leaving him. This sad being can be found drunk or high in VR chats, as its the only safe place where he finds peace from the his fastfood joint. #Metoo a.k.a Aza This Russian specimen has a long history of mental disorders. Multiple Personality Disorder, Sclerosis, Bi-polar etc. You name the condition and he most likely has it. Watch out for his days when he misses his meds, as he can trap you in his twisted world of delusion, paranoia and 4chan. He likes anime and JRPG's. This is a heads up thread in case this trio starts ganging up on someone. Notice the signs and walk away, they will self-destruct if you dont give them attention.
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    I do. And I will defend Capcom's honor: Exhibit A) It's the same font as the NES Classic banner: Exhibit B\)Their other ones have the same font (minus bold), the same phrasing 'AVAILABLE X.X.XX', and that 'VIEW DETAILS' button. Exhibit C) There is one banner that's clearly a publisher's doing and it breaks all the trends that the other one's share. I rest my case.
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    So your brother was a beta no-options cuckcel is what you're saying. It runs in the Family then
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    Rofl that's exactly how my brother got reeled in, all sweet and sound in the beginning. Then after a few months the nagging begins. It's been a while now, why won't you meet my kids, it's not normal to go out with someone for so long and stay distant like this! Come stay with us please, we don't see each other enough! And so on, lmfao. Then you gotta be stepdad with little shits that will constantly test you and when you do put them in their place they stay stuff like "you are not my dad you can't tell me what to do lololol" Then they wanted ME to start meeting them LOL, but uncle bhytre was always evasive and distant though I have to work I'm busy Oh I'm going on a city trip this weekend, sorry In the end my brother saw the light and bailed the fuck out, bitch turned a switch in her head once she thought she had him reeled in and became a guilt tripping and manipulative control freak.
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    Last gen shit system, sheep thinking they're actually competing with this trash is the funniest part
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    how do you feel about avoiding certain threads?
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    Nobody saw this but you. Why do you obsess so much about whst Switch owners think? Must be because you have nothing to play
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    Heretics got destroyed itt
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    ORDER ORDER IN THE COURT Upon reviewing the evidence presented by the defense... the court finds the defendent Capcom.......
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