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    lmfao @Jon2B hyped below to be AAA and then referred to it as AAA every time thereafter whilst parroting the line "hobo pass gave us 3 AAAs this month!!1" referring to ashen, mutant year zero, and.............BELOW!!!
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    TBF you do most of the work of owning yourself.
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    try 36. https://www.metacritic.com/pictures/best-xb1-games-of-2016 this is the only single xbox one exclusive in three years. three years. fru, a kinect-only game. https://www.metacritic.com/game/xbox-one/fru?ftag=MCD-06-10aaa1h/critic-reviews 36 months. THIRTY SIX MONTHS. THREE YEARS. "You'll come crawling back" - @Remij_
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    So you want DVD-like quality..............but worse, because Laserdisc is not a true digital format like DVD, its still analog. And it doesn't even get to DVD's 720 x 480 resolution, instead only being 425p. And you want to flip the disc in order to watch certain long movies, because it can't fit it on one side. 60 minutes max per side And chances are your laserdisc is going to break down or require alignment, because if its not properly aligned when reading the disc, you will begin having "crosstalk" when playing the disc. I inaugurate you that you will not sit and watch one movie all the way through. But I understand, you have alot of free cash from the fact that Xbox had no games. Go ahead and buy 20 laserdiscs.
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    Damn is he about to run for President? I know you Americans like cocky criminals in denial / sexual predators in office
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    Thats cool you should come to Corn-Rages we have lots of insiders and devs including a promint dev who works on Call of Duty.
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    Further proof that MS is acquiring Capcom.
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    yeah, what we really need is some next-gen godliness that only the 1X can provide:
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    One X comes to $680 after tax here in quebec, poitras.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0ms8nar5Yw The absolute state of America Deeno was that you? Stop bothering Mcwicked
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    Technically correct because it's now 2019. Tchb moderately amused.
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    Ps4 is the best system since the ps2. Simply incredible
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    ditsy little sluts brainwashed by wester propaganda to be little peace and love hippie dispshits. See where that gets you. these little blondes have never struggled a day in their fucking lives and now you see what happens when you don't develop any critical thinking ability. then these girls goes on whore's pilgrimages to foreign countries and observe the people like they're bird watching.
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    I love how you hid everything like we give a shit
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    It's the console it's not going to be on.
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