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    the downs twins (sot, 5od) didnt even release that year and crackmeme starring terry crews still isnt out
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    Hmm..Computer. Enhance. Computer. Zoom in on that part. Enhance more. We have it. Focus in.
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    the business dynamics IS quite interesting. A video game company..............that doesn't make video games. Its an interesting strategy. But I doubt it requires so much analysis...........probably because it isn't analysis, but rather one long post of excuses.
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    Luckily MS have acquired the developers of We Happy Few, State of Decay and Heavenly Sword to make AAAs
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    Alright well that's not working, was supposed to be Abe Simpson walking in, then walking out.gig So yeah imagine that was inserted here.
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    6/10, that's a solid AA in the eyes of the Lemmings. If it were exclusive you can expect multiple threads, where they circle jerk, and spam Smiley's to indicate its God-tier status. They would hype Flint, Michigan's water as delicious if it were exclusive to them - which, with the current lead levels may go some way to explain their current overall mental competence.
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    lmao, is this 1993? Enough with these ghetto ass poverty games
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    cum into an explosion after sexing 300 of the finest girls all with banging personalities and a career path as my gf watches and she mounts me for the 301th and we have monumental death-defying sex. then I get up to go to the bathroom to wipe and I slip on her oil of olay bottle and chip my neck on my razor. her thumbs too fat to dial 9-1-1 and I bleed to death as she calls somebody in Atlanta because 912 is the are code in Georgia. Now she'd dating some nigga named Coolow from Ay tee El. Fucking thanks. That's my ideal.
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    I remember the largest issue when Lemmings became a faction - and by extension trying to gain legitimacy; was that they had to defend the argument that the Xbox was simply: "PC on Medium settings." But back the (in the Xbox/360 days), they had several exclusives, marquee titles, and (eventually) Japanese support that allowed them to successfully argue that they were a separate entity from what PC gaming had to offer. But now? I mean if you need a console with exclusives, you have to go with the PS4. If you like the IP's that Nintendo make, then the switch offers that (provided it's your cup of tea) You want the maximum settings & resolution allowable? Well PC is, and will be your choice. I find that the argument from a decade ago, has now become the ultimate achilles heel for Lemmings to defend their console. Especially when all their previous exclusives (Forza, Halo Collection) now coming to Windows... On Day 1.
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    Bitterness? Nah it's not as bad as it was circa 2007, but salty? Yeah, lemmings are hella thirsty, which in turn means they just band together to spam smiley's and claim ownage for getting a multi-plat months/years after everyone else already enjoyed it.
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    Thor RagnarokGuardians of the GalaxyCaptain America: Winter SoldierGuardians of the Galaxy Vol 2Avengers Infinity WarBlack PantherIron ManThe AvengersSpiderman HomecomingCaptain America: Civil WarDoctor StrangeIron Man 3Avengers: Age of UltronIron Man 2Captain AmericaThorThe HulkThor: The Dark World how i rate them. Haven't seen the antman movies though
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    Does anybody know if the thread with the last comic still exists ? It was a big spicoli vs BDG fiasco.
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    xbox releases for the rest of the month
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    Aza is like my Gmail inbox; sure a lot of it doesn't pertain to me, and might just be spam, but overall it saves me from having to go searching for new footage, or news.
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    Off the top of my head Drake Jay Z Kanye Fifty Puffy Luda Method Man GZA The Game Jay Cole Lupe Fiasco Kendrick Lamar Niki Minaj Meek Mills Nas etc... could go on and on and on. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    Killer Mike Method Man Black Thought (The Roots) Nas Jay-Z Childish Gambino Lupe Fiasco Tory Lanez Royce Da 5'9 Chris Rivers And that's just off the top of my head; but if you don't listen to hip-hop, it's hard to know that there is still lyrical content being created, when all you may hear is the mumble rap being played.
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    "sony knocked it out of the park with this. it moved me and made me cry. I love sony and playstation 4. 9/10" - Chris Cuckmann, Gamespot editor-in-chief
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    don't forget the 'killer app' at launch of the PS4
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