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    Wtf you talking about? There is no difference between a trans woman and a woman they are 100% identical.
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    Yeah, whereas you adapted and unintentionally found out you have no gag reflex.
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    If you lose two times as Sonya does she leave MK and become a downloadable character in WWE?
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    Used to be Anne Hathaway, then Zooey Deschanel but now I'm back on Anne Hathaway.
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    Well, you could put a symbol that demonstrate your strength. That's a bicep being flexed.
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    Slaughter Season has began . Three months of pretending New Super Mario Wiiu is more important than all of these TSHBK DEAD
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    1.15.19 Davey Pee awakens to his name-sake: a piss-colored sunset rising on his Quebec trailer park. He rubs his eyes, yawns, and smiles clumsily. A new day! He hears a noise in the kitchen. It's his hot, supermodel girlfriend. "Honey, I made you some oeufs", she says in her Quebec accent. Davey Pee smiles to himself again. She brings him his food, and then his supermodel girlfriend lightly kisses him on the lips, saying: "Thank you for existing. You're so perfect." He'll be late for work. He throws his bathrobe aside, and rushes into his car. He works at a hedge fund and is running late. And all of a sudden the vr headset comes off, revealing it was all a delusion. DP wakes up again and cries to himself whilst hugging a pillow.
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    Which PS4 exclusive are you referring to? Every games in the OP is multiplatform. I'm gonna enjoy watching you squirm out of that one, since you can never admit to be wrong about anything, you pretentious limp wrists faggot.
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    The only IRL incel here is probably just you , jerry. lmao youre 40 and live with your brother
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    Lana Del Rey, she's not only beautiful, she's got class, style and her voice is amazingly reminiscent of singers of the past.
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    I'm not well adjusted? You live in a cave full of thrift store junk, you dumb motherfucker.
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    I appreciate Mad's taste, logic in arguments, and plus it's dope having a fellow vet around here after all these years.
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    Lmao here is comes with the alt right bullshit again! Joe speaks for the average man. The middle. He's not racist, he's not homophobic, he likes to learn new ideas and is open to everything as long as it makes logical sense. You on the other hand are close minded as fuck and won't even bend on a single issue no matter how much evidence is thrown at you.
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    I'm putting my Switch up for sale to buy more LaserDiscs
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    Well when you have nothing to play on your console of choice you turn into a Dell kid. TLHBR
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    8%. who the fuck is left on this dead console. This was one of our best games last gen and they won’t even support it. N version on top. welcome home.
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