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  1. Improving and modernizing are what would worry me about a sequel. There's a lot of potential to fuck something like that up. They need to start with the base design of the originals. If they want to modernize it, here's what I would do. Instead of context-sensitive areas allowing special moves (i.e. flight, Mojo-changing, etc.), give the player a way to execute those actions anywhere. That removes the barriers that these abilities are tied to and allows a more robust tool set to explore the maps with.
  2. Better than the non-gamer in lemmings clothing. Oh wait, that's the same thing. TLHBFR
  3. Real talk, tho: if Rare wants to make Banjo Threeie, then the best way to do so is to just emulate 1 and 2. Don't try to modern-ify it. Don't try to turn it into live services bullshit. Just make Banjo Threeie. Same size, same scope, same design philosophy.
  4. I think she's learning to be on the attack. Hopefully she keeps it up through 2020.
  5. They started an open dating service for Vini/Deeno/Saucer's girlfriend. Here's the first applicant:
  6. If voter suppression becomes legal, then gerrymandering won't even be necessary. Gerrymandering exists because the GOP needs to limit the Democratic vote since there are more registered Democrats than there are Republicans. If you just make it impossible for Democrat voters to register, then there's no reason to gerrymander them into irrelevancy.
  7. It's not what I want to call it. It's what it is.
  8. This is what worries me about a stacked supreme court. If this goes to the SCOTUS right now, then America's fucked. Legalizing voter suppression will leads to the death of Democracy.
  9. It's a good book, but the movie is the rare adaptation that's better than the source material.
  10. Agent Smith was "the many". He's clearly a virtual embodiment of sin, with Neo being Jesus. That's why Smith infects everyone (i.e. we're all sinners), and Neo has to die to eradicate him ('cause Jesus or some shit).
  11. Rescinding this last part as I went looking for the interview that he said it in. Chuck has spoken about what is now considered "toxic masculinity", but he rejects the term. The term and what he was touching on are sort of...compatible? Adjacent? But not the same, and not what he was writing about in Fight Club.
  12. EDIT: This is a perfect example of double-think.
  13. Neo wasn't trans. Switch was. The studio made the Wachowskis pull back on Switch's character in the movie because, in the real world, she was a dude, but in the Matrix, she was the character you see in the final cut. That's why her name was "Switch". Maybe the Matrix Online retconned Neo or whatever, but the original clearly wasn't written to make Neo trans when one of his allies clearly was. The bit about Fight Club is 100% true. Chuck Palahniuk talks about it, though he doesn't use the term "toxic masculinity" because it wasn't invented yet.
  14. In case anyone's confused on Kanye, and we all know some of you guys are under the impression that Kanye ain't crazy:
  15. This is par for the Deeno course. Back when he refused to believe MCC was busted, I quoted a MS spokesperson saying they were working to fix the game. That fix became the re-launch of MCC that hit recently. Deeno ignored it. Deeno's delusional.
  16. This doesn't jive with the numbers. At all. If this were true, then gerrymandering wouldn't benefit Republicans, and states like Ohio, Texas, Florida, and Georgia wouldn't need to be actively purging registered voters. If this were true, then you would expect more Republican candidates to win the popular vote than Democrats over the last 20+ years. FYI, the only Republican president to win the popular vote since 1992 was W. on his second run after 9/11. So that's 6 presidential elections in which republicans lost the popular vote, out of 7. One time in the last 26 years. Would you like to Deeno Math™ that fact away?
  17. Ah yes, I'm sure the core reason Activision didn't release one of the most beloved games of all time is because they were afraid of offending the one platform holder that they weren't releasing games for. 'Cause that makes sense. Or...OR...now bear with me here, 'cause this is where it gets hairy: OR Nintendo really does own some piece of the original product that makes a remaster legally nonviable. ... Naaahhhh. It's totes 'cause they didn't want to hurt Iwata's feewings.