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Well, when you think about it.. you kinda do need to make it worth while for everyone to get dressed up and go out there in person.  Not to mention the venue probably requires a certain amount of time to make it worth their while as well.

The beautiful thing is that you don't have to watch all of it at once.. or at all.
Quote from: FIREPOWER on Today at 02:35:46 AM:ben:  "Nobody gives a shit" yet you are here damage controlling it.

You just confirmed you're a butthurt nobody, retard  :lawl: :lawl: :lawl: :lawl:

Also, sad you are still stalking my Twitter account months later. I've seen your social media account when someone posted it here and I couldn't be bothered to save it to come back to it later but it's amusing to me that you are that obsessed with me that you check out my Twitter daily  :ben:

:mj: You're a sad man Lemij, a very sad little man.
Who is damage controlling anything? :drake:

I explained why it's happening... logically.  LOL it's telling that explaining something logically, such as "Xbox has no market in Europe, they're marketing/advertising to the players who are playing their game"... is "damage control"

LMFAO no wonder you lose your shit every time someone says something about Xbox.  Literally everything is an attack to you :tom:  And the reality is that you do that because you literally spend all day on your Twitter account fighting with Xbox fanboys :lawl:

And sweetie... I haven't checked your twitter account since I originally posted about it.  I saw all I needed to see to be able to say the things I'm saying.  I know EXACTLY what type of fanboy you are :hest:
Quote from: FIREPOWER on Today at 12:21:06 AM^ ^ He's mad  :lawl: :lawl: :lawl: :lawl: :lawl:

The guy who spends every day 24/7 fighting Xbox fanboys on twitter, is claiming someone is mad.. lmfao :freeman:
Quote from: FIREPOWER on Today at 12:22:58 AMIt's a shitty deal and shows how dead Xbox is in Europe.

You would never see Sony or Nintendo first party devs promoting a rival console. This is shameful  :cruise:
Nobody gives a shit, clown. :drake: 

And what is shameful is your twitter account :freeman:
Quote from: -GD-X on December 03, 2023, 11:59:29 PMSo, is it abnormally warm?
Yes.  Very warm here compared to normal.  We're -3'C in December during the day.. and like ~-14'C at night.   That's fucking t-shirt and shorts weather for us :D 
27F (-3'C) here, no snow on the ground.. and apparently there wont be much change until January.... that's definitely fucked up for us.
Quote from: Mr. Impossible on December 03, 2023, 09:19:38 PMI think any movie, TV,  or gaming franchise can make a comeback with the right application. The problem Halo has now is that MS has buckled into a ten year plan for the series that's not doing it any favors.

They need a fresh ground up game. Possibly one that lacks as much of the robust Halo extra curricular experience but hits with a well made story campaign.
Yep.  Except I don't believe MS will stick to their "10 year plan"..  I think the next game changes things up in a big way. 

If I was MS, I would completely separate Halo SP and MP again.  MP would change into a Battle Royal type game (it's what the kids like) and I would completely change the SP campaign, ala Santa Monica and God of War.  Make it a highly cinematic game with tons of big larger than life set pieces.  I would follow a Naughty Dog style "wide-linear" game design for the environments and set pieces.  

And for the record, I would do something similar with Gears of War 6.  I would change up the feel completely and instead of having the characters feel like tanks, they would have far more control.  Moving the analog in any direction would turn them in that direction, and I'd overhaul the cover system and make the most cinematic awesome visceral feeling shooting and cover mechanics as possible.  Keep in the active reload bonus shit, but evolve it further.  Different weapons would have different perks depending on how proficient you were at reloading with them.

Those are things Sony does so well in their games, which makes them feel exciting.  MS needs to adopt that mindset.  I may like/love the new Gears game they show next.. but I absolutely will be disappointed if they don't take this opportunity (now that Rod Ferguson has left) to change it up.

Fuck the old heads who just want more of the same.. it's time for change.
Quote from: FIREPOWER on December 03, 2023, 10:24:38 PM:ovolol:  What kind of bullshit excuse is that? Does Elder Scrolls Online not exist on the ShitBox consoles?
It's a Bethesda Germany and Playstation Germany collaboration... lmfao who knows what deals they have in place... and who gives a shit? The game exists on Playstation and Europe doesn't give a fuck about Xbox.. :drake:
Or they have marketing with Elder Scrolls Online... :drake:
Quote from: TLHBO on December 03, 2023, 07:55:27 PMI need to get a life because you can't handle the fact that nobody wants an xbox? :drake:

Gamers do not see it as a worthwhile system for playing games. Let that sink in.
You need to get a life because not everything you don't like is a cult.  You're a fucking lunatic :tom: 
System Wars / Re: Started picking up some PS5 games.
December 03, 2023, 06:22:20 PM
Quote from: David P on December 03, 2023, 06:18:03 PMIt's pretty obvious I have mental issues.

Now with that cleared out of the way.

Callisto Protocol for 20$? Yay or nay?

You could probably get it cheaper, but I liked Callisto, so I'll say for $20, yea sure.  But don't spend anything more on it.
System Wars / Re: Started picking up some PS5 games.
December 03, 2023, 06:09:13 PM
@David P 

You don't have a PS5... and all of those games physically are worthless.

You're buying a European version of Like A Dragon: Ishin?  lol...

I just can't understand your rational behind these decisions.  One minute you're "done with gaming" the next you're looking for a PS2 to play some old games, then you're buying games for consoles you don't own...

I dunno breh.. it's your life/money.. but it's just weird to me.
System Wars / Re: Started picking up some PS5 games.
December 03, 2023, 05:42:02 PM
Jesus christ David :mj:
Looks great :glad: