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I played the first one too briefly and didn't care about it . I was just watching a video of the game and not only is the world randomly generated but also the story cN be randomly generated ??

So the remnant 2 I'm playing might not look the same as the one GD is playing and the story stuff may also be different ? That's pretty cool if I'm understanding this correctly. 
It sucks that gaming shows are so cringey. I liked the last couple xbox shows where they just showed game after game.

I couldn't care less about rewards. It feels low rent like a porn award show. But I get they gotta make money and shit. 

Excited to see some cool game reveals tho 
Also the dog owns. I'll just sit back and sick him on the clickers and tougher enemies while I run away and pop off from a distance lol. And he saves you if you get downed....and I get downed a lot  :smug:
Lmao the switches  :D fuck those switches. I was planning on marathoning Persona today but ended up spending my time with Remnant 2. 

GD soon after the tenticle boss you'll get to the Lament area. It's got some cool puzzles I think you'll like that part. Protip keep the ring

TB remnant 2 is cool. It's a souls like game for sure. I like it because it's not a typical clone. It's not as maze in a shoebox as much as other souls games. And it's a shooter which makes it unique in the genre. 

This is probably my favorite souls like game so far. I'm sure I'll get frustrated with it and quit soon like all the others lol but as of now it's quite fun.
I was wrong. The 2 extra relics are from a ring you get. Im only level 3 i believe.
Quote from: Remij on Today at 12:47:50 AMThe guy who spends every day 24/7 fighting Xbox fanboys on twitter, is claiming someone is mad.. lmfao :freeman:
I just opened a chest and a mini boss popped out  :down: GD idk if you leveled up yet but i got 5 health charges now. Thats making it a bit easier for me.
Quote from: -GD-X on December 03, 2023, 11:59:29 PMSo, is it abnormally warm?
Average Dec temp is 42. Almost 60, so very. Also the thunderstorms. Very rare for thunderstorms in Dec.
The hail was wild. 
Quote from: Cooke on December 03, 2023, 10:24:28 PMThat is irrelevant unless you tell us where you live
I like the game a lot its fun but i can tell its gonna be on some BS solo.
Remnant 2 on some BS. I fought through some point where i assumed id be hitting a checkpoint, NO. Boss battle :down: At least after i died immediately i spawned at the boss gate.

This game prob not gonna be for me. It wasnt too bad so far until the point im at now. Enemies spawn fucking everywhere, big alien bullet sponge guys. Fucking BOOMERS. There are boomers in this game  :down: All this while getting wrapped up in ROT  :|

Took 3 times to beat the boss :facep: Ill continue on for now. fuck this game tho :happysad:
System Wars / Re: Started picking up some PS5 games.
December 03, 2023, 07:48:59 PM
OK  :ben:
Im not complaining about the temps, but it just seems odd. The weather patterns changes over time have been strange to see.