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Come on Geoff.....we don't need a game awards show to be this long. 
System Wars / Gym/Fitness thread
December 02, 2023, 07:15:32 PM
The other one was archived so I figured a new one was warranted.

Im finally starting to dial in a routine that works for me and trying to be consistent with it.

Im giving up on weighted chest exercises because my right shoulder is still screwed and anything that involves my arms being extended straight in front with resistance applied is just too uncomfortable. I do plan on incorporating bodyweight push ups at some point as most variations don't feel too bad

But right now my split is

Shoulders & Back - Pull Ups, Chin Ups, Lat Pulldowns, Seated Rows, Overhead press on the smith machine, Face Pulls
Arms (Biceps, Triceps, Forearms) - E-Z Bar Curls, Tricep Pushdowns, Underhand Close grip Pulldowns, Skullcrushers, Hammer Curls, one handed Tricep overhead extensions, reverse curls, and then ending with a short farmers walk
Legs - Leg press, Squats, Leg Curls & Extensions, Calf Raises

I'd like to eventually add a 4th day, but just doing 3 for now as I want to be consistent and I think I would start losing motivation if I worked out much more than that.

I've also started experimenting with partial reps, just on my last set of tricep pushdowns for now. Once I max out and can't do any more full reps, I notice that even If I just bring the rope around halfway down a few times in a row I get a hell of a burn in my triceps.

Longer rest times are helping me too. Maybe its my genetics, but I get winded easily so I think the short rest times that I got into the habit of doing because of programs like P90X3 and Bodybeast just don't work for my purposes. Im resting at least 1 minute on upper body exercises and up to 2 minutes for lower body (though I might increase that for bar squats) and I feel like this is allowing me to lift heavier.

Also Im not doing any cutting/bulking bullshit. Neither option would be viable for my body type anyway. Im trying to eat a bit less so technically I might be cutting, but im more focused on getting enough protein and also going hard on my workouts. I like to think I can put my body through a recomp, and build a little muscle while losing some of my stubborn belly fat at the same time. Ill just keep at this for another few months and see what kind of progress I make.
System Wars / Is PS Plus+ really this bad?
December 01, 2023, 11:02:13 PM
QuoteI mainly get physical games but since this year's Black Friday is terrible, the only deal I've got is -30% on ps premium.

I've figured, why not. I've had ps+ few times before. Claimed some games, finished stray when it released on + and teardown just got out so why not check it out.

And I am instantly reminded why I couldn't wait until my last time being subbed year ago ended. This thing is a mess:

-cloud saves are not seamless. Somehow it can get confused which one you want and insist on bringing cloud copy back when you delete local etc.
-it's impossible to tell which games you own and how. Is it on disc, bought from store, claimed or in some of the packs available now. Some game shows download with ps+ icon and other says purchased without any icon even though I never bought it or played. There is sorting in library but it's not logical.
-then if any of games you have installed from disc, is on plus, it still asks for a disc unless you click view product and download... but it will not download anything and now will let you play without inserting the disc all of sudden.
-I've tried streaming hogwarts legacy which I have on disc and installed from it. I was curious about streaming quality (terrible and I am wired)... and I launched the trial. It used my saves correctly but now every time I launch hogwarts it starts that trial. Play game no longer asks for disc lol.
-if I want to purchase a game that is in plus catalog that shows as purchased and not "download with plus icon", then you have to select product and the price is there in pull out context menu. wtf.
-the fact there is no cheaper tier with just online functionality and maybe cloud saves is a disgrace. I have to live with this mess if I want online in Elden ring.

stolen from GAF but boy that sounds like a clunky mess. The Xbox store and gamepass seem way more intuitively designed.

I just love the idea of purchasing content and then having it suddenly be pulled from your library.
System Wars / New short Bloodlines 2 vid
December 01, 2023, 04:42:09 AM

I think it could be good
Lets be real, the awards are irrelevant. Its the reveals that are the best part.

I need a new Death Stranding 2 trailer and maybe there could even be a release date announcement?

This is a good decision by MS. Instead of trying to make a handheld version of windows which would be a ton of work and not something many hardware companies would fund, they can just tweak the Xbox app and make it the main front end GUI for launching and managing your games

Damn not sure why it's so far off still. But I'm definitely looking forward to it.

Imagine being one of the poor saps who buys this thinking they're getting FIFA for free just to get home and realize they can't play it :lul:

Awesome  :smoke: And since its Yakuza you know its gonna be filled with a bunch of interesting shit and not just bigger for no reason (take note western devs).

goddamn. They will just give anyone the rights to make a TWD game nowadays.
System Wars / Yakuza 0-6 recap
November 21, 2023, 10:17:16 PM

I know this video is long as fuck, but its actually the best way to get caught up on the series for people who want to start with the Like a Dragon games in preparation for Infinite Wealth. The guy also seems to add his own comedic commentary so its not just a dry summary.
System Wars / IGN shits all over iphone 15 version of RE4
November 21, 2023, 04:17:31 AM

God damn. He actually says streaming the game through the Xbox game streaming app is actually a better experience :D
System Wars / Hogwarts Legacy DF switch analysis
November 18, 2023, 07:49:07 PM

yikes...those downgrades are significant, even when compared to the Series S version.