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    It's entertaining how sheep claim they are the true gamers of the internet but openly celebrate and root for collapse of genres, developers, and publishers.
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    I never said the i5s is a bad phone. In fact, I never said iPhone's are bad or trash or whatever. In fact, I have told people - on this board - it is a perfectly good phone. I do prefer Android because it has far more features than iPhone that I like. It is that simple and it is undeniable. I was easily the first person on this site to have the iPhone back when you had to pay $500+ to get it (NO AT&T SUBSIDY) in 2007. I used the iPhones exclusively from 07 to 11. My last iPhone I think was the 4s or possibly the 4. I lost my iPhone in Barcelona and decided to try an Android and simply liked it better. If and when Apple decides to release an iPhone or some version of the iPhone offering features comparable to a flagship Android then I will consider going back to Apple. Unlike you, I am not fanboying a smartphone or smartphone company and will easily switch to Windows 8 Phone or Apple iOS if they have a product I deem better than what Android is offering.
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