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    Well at least you can watch more gameplay on madden than the real one
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    agree with OP NO MORE MOVIE GAMES.. These non games appeal to the market who are lazy gamers, the same as people with long board skateboards..
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    real gaming peaked at FF9. did you just list Batman AA as intelligent gaming. :mlfao: the same faggot who thought Bayonetta 2 was too hard. Batman is well-designed trash, for stupid gamers who think XXX Y is a combo.
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    It's all a spectrum, I personally don't believe there's any absolute anything, but our society wants us to confirm to a label, and you folks perpetuate it by making these threads. You really should be of the mind set of, "I don't give a fuck of what you think sexually."
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    You're god damn right ah explains why you are on here so much. you probably played all of the handful of games that wii u has to offer
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    lol Ghostz walking into GS with his head held high as he does yet another game swap.
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    Lol @ this peckerwood feeling like let luthor x Walter white because his cheap ass just can't afford used video games.
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