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    Merry Christmas you dirty fucks, best film of 2017! Go get it
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    Not every news channel has an equivalence in integrity, when a channel is 100% government propaganda there's nothing to take, at least corporate owned news isn't ran by nationalists with unwavering allegiances to fear mongering dictators.
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    Just so we recognise how long it’s been Wii was still a console WiiU had yet to release 3DS had released 6 months earlier Vita had yet to release Switch wasn’t even a concept MS were all about Kinect PS4 and Xbox One were not announced Skyrim had not released Skyward Sword had not released The Witcher 2 had just come out Uncharted 3 had yet to release GTAV had yet to release The following new IP didn’t even exist yet: the Last of Us, Journey, Dishonored, Minecraft, Hotline Miami, DOTA, League of Legends Tomb Raider, Diablo, Starcraft, Max Payne we’re all still franchises on hiatus Robin Williams was still alive Steve Jobs was alive Iwata was still alive The Harry Potter movies were still being released The Avengers franchise had not started The Dark Knight trilogy was still in progress Obama was in his first term Kim Jong il was the leader of North Korea Gaddafi was in power Bin Laden had died three months earlier The Japanese Tsunamis happened earier in the year Lebron James was playing for the Heat who were champions We had a different Pope Edward Snowden still worked for the CIA Sandy Hook has not happened People thought the world would end in 2012 Uber had just launched and wasn’t an app useable for drivers yet Bitcoin was worth worth under $1 The Mars Rover hadn’t launched Smart watches didn’t exist Planking, scumbag Steve and Rebecca Black were memes Any more?
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    Bro, you're not slick with your advertising. lol Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    You guys are gonna say she's a Russian agent no matter what lol.
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    yeah they are. I prefer a clean look. I don't want special editions.
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    It’s xmas, so I’ll let the thread slide. But ya..I def agree about not promoting here. Merry xmas.
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    Are you guys like fat angry farmers or something?
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    You should be suspicious of anyone who gets along with Putin and has defensive articles written by RT about them. https://www.rt.com/op-edge/413960-jill-stein-collussion-russiagate/
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    Without giving too much information away, my family is of the highest import regarding Russian Orthodoxy in the united states. I can't say any more publicly or it will give me away. It never even occurred to me that you and I had the same xmas.
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    National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Yearly tradition <3
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    he did own me. I cried like an idiot. But jokes on him I will get a standard ps4 instead of a pro version and get some booze to drink myself to death.
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