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    xbox in japan is like dynamite cop at a blacklivesmatter rally - it ain't happening.
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    I probably walked away in all of these situations. No time for made up beef.
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    lmfao, are schools conducted in german. You can't even speak English, ya fucking loony bin. Your German is probably worse. "I speak 4 languages. :cruz: " I don't think I'm supperior. It's you slobs who posted about 4 :|s after I wanted to speak/write in Japanese for my own pleasure.
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    The thing is, nobody plays fighters on PC
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    Switch doesn’t come in white, of course Deeno won’t like it.
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    "Switch lives matter" is a terrorist organization because it encourages gamers to play games without a TV.
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    That piece of scripture is quite important, because it makes modern American christians appear to be hypocrites. That scripture is mandating that God's followers must help the poor and the sick. Its not an optional thing, its clearly described as a mandatory requirement for getting into heaven. Which goes to show that those right-wing Christians don't actually believe in God, because if they did they would be scared of their judgement in the afterlife.
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    Google finally shut down Info Wars on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheAlexJonesChannel?app=desktop Guess they were waiting for someone else to do something (re: Apple de-listing Alex Jones' podcast) because leading is hard.
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    I still can't understand the infatuation with Japanese culture. I just don't get it
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    Both parties have corruption, but the difference is between a pile of dirt for the Democrats and a mountain of shit for the Republicans. All that is comparable to an entire planet for Putin.
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    The funniest part of that vid is that what sparked the argument was the guy AGREEING with her if you rewind, you see he says, "you know, she's right" and before he can get another word in she goes off on him, assuming he meant the other women. you can see him literally trying to clarify before he gives up. priceless
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    Sales talk wont save it. It's going to die because the hardware wont be necessary. 3rd parties will simply make only one version of their games... save money on game development and they will be streamed to multiple devices. When that happens, and people can get their games anywhere, there's no incentive for platform holders to spend money researching and designing a console. Fixed console hardware will be a thing of the past. The market for their games will simply continually exist and grow to almost anything with a screen. They will have no choice but to either lead or follow. It's not a question of "if" but "when"... Sony will be the last to go tho
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    It's only viewed as shitty by those who want to be slow to understand its meaning.
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