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    Might download it. Not gonna lie, FH2 was free last month and way more fun than I expected. It’s a lot more than just boring racing. Reminded me of Midtown madness 3 back in the day.
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    Jonb1 won't be playing this. There is no easy mode...
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    I heard the podcast and I agree with pretty much everything. I'm pretty leftist myself but there is a point where this culture about victimhood and offensiveness is crossing the line to absurdity. If you hear the podcast they mention that this extreme is only happening in some universities, which is good, we don't want this sort of hysterics to spread too much because it will undermine real social justice. For me what these two guys describe is basically the equivalent of a witch hunt. You basically have a bunch of young inexperienced people who think they know everything (which is very common at that age) and see the world in simplistic black and white, us vs them terms. Of course since social justice has gained so much impulse lately then they can easily find followers. The problem with this is when finding followers becomes the main purpose and social justice is merely an excuse for building your following tribe and becoming popular. The same used to happen during witch hunts, you could build your own following and victimhood by basically accusing anyone for even the most absurd things and your followers believe you by default because the stigma of not believing you is big, you could end up accused of being a witch yourself. This is fucking BS and frankly very dangerous for real social justice. There has to be a set of reasonable filters put in place to avoid this type of senseless persecution which is not more about seeking justice but about distorted narcissism and selfish self-promotion. And of course this happens also on the right. They use these extreme examples to crucify the whole social justice movement and paint everyone there with the same brush when there are actually important and valuable efforts and fights worth fighting for. It's two sides of the same coin. We need more level-headed people on the discourse and I think these two had a good level-headed discussion around this issue. The problem is when the discourse against social justice devolves to 4chan /pol/ level of argumentation, then you reach the other end of the absurdity spectrum.
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    damn...you are the product of serious rape. hot!
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    It never really struck me how sweet it is until I actually tried it. If Xbone actually had some decent exclusives, it would 100% be my console of choice over PS4. Even with its lack of games, this service is still great. Being able to just pick whatever you want to play is a total game changer. Can't wait to play FH4 next month for "free". If Xbone's successor builds on gamepass it may be a day 1 buy for me. Also, xbone controller owns so hard.
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    I’d love to see Nintendo do a similar deal.
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    Yeah I'm not selling this game. Gonna replay it one day and try to do things differently from my first playthrough. The number of different variations is insane, the script must have been a real challenge to write.
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    He's the high king of systemwars!
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    There's not much left of that legacy
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    Yeah, I’ve gotten them all. It’s pretty awesome just how much they can vary.
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    Damn, Detroit Become Human endings were epic and all worked intertwined. Great fucking game.
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    LGBTQ+ They didnt add a fucking letter, they added a fucking PLUS sign. This is getting crazier and crazier.
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    btw has anyone here ever watched Utopia? BBC show that only lasted 2 seasons before being cancelled Given the taste of show ppl here I think yous will enjoy it, @-GD- especially. We seem to have fairly similar taste and not to overhype it but imo it's top 3 best shows of all time good. It's super dark in themes yet bright in visuals, has the best cinematography of any show I've ever watched (even better than BB and BCS), uses juxtaposition in ways I haven't seen in other shows and is just downright amazing. Every scene is a work of art. This is the opening scene of the show to give you a taste:
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    Nintendo Switch 12 June 2018 Playstation 4 25 September 2018 Xbox One 25 September 2018 LOL
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    KH Switch would outsell both other versions combined. My dream is that with Switch's insane popularity, devs start prioritizing the platform. (We're #1 afterall). That means all versions should be built to spec with the industry standard hardware - the #1 Selling Switch. Gimp the other versions. Don't focus on graphics. Just get these games up and running where it matters most. N
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    white people think nigga and ****** is the same word. white people also think black people walk around calling each other ******s. so I wouldn't advice that to cooke. He's 1/32th black though, so he can hate on himself if he ever gets a handout.
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