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    And the official dumbass award goes to me! I finally got the $5,000,000 for a House..that was already free, since I’m a Vip. Derp
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    The funny thing is, is that this a perfect example of how the central banks produced guns for both sides of the war in WWII. Microsoft owns all sides of the system wars. They don't intend on losing.
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    Xbox is getting curb stomped in the console space....wait...lets drop our most profitable segment of our business (PC)... an area that we literally have a monopoly on and no real competition... a space we will dominate for the foreseeable future. Lets drop that in favor of XBox.
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    Heads up, huge selection of VR games are on sale on PSN right now for the second anniversary of PSVR. I would definitely recommend those right now at those prices. I bold/underline the top picks that shouldn't be missed but everything is excellent and cheap. I Expect You To Die Raw Data Blasters of the Universe Pixel Riped 1989 Sprint Vector SUPERHOT VR To The Top Ultrawings Wipeout: Omega Collection 2MD: VR Football Electronauts No Heroes Allowed! VR Shooty Fruity StarBlood: Arena Statik
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    It doesn't work both ways because we already know they're releasing a console as normal as it's their bread and butter, and we also know the streaming blades are made of Xbox One S internals. So this could very well be the reality, it trims the fat. It makes Xbox the flagship as they state it to be in their very xCloud reveal while still being able to deliver games elsewhere (PC included) without increasing iteration time i.e. porting game code and requiring native operation on PC which results in lost time, energy, resources and money. With PC out of the development pipeline iteration and release times would substantially increase. "We love the device that we build, our Xbox consoles, we want those to be world class. The best place to play." "Consoles are still going to be a flagship experience." They're dumping PC, get ready.
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    man...i was trying to bait you, and you kept your cool. props.
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    You've been hanging out with some dumb Republicans then. All my Republican friends love Trump and are fully aware he's dumb as shit
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    6 tf: 4 tf: Why does every MS game end up being so god damned UGLY. Artistically, MS offerings look like something from a CD-ROM included in your cereal box from 1995. What the fuck is wrong with these people? Can't anyone draw? Can't we get just ONE damned dark, mature, gritty game on Xbox? Or has Lamepass, Windows 10 and the encroaching reach of the cheeto-dusted fingers of PC gaming sapped all creativity from MS? One thing for sure though is, it doesn't matter how powerful the One X turned out to be. If you have no one who can design a game half decently it doesn't matter.
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    As someone who is terrified of the open ocean, fuuuuckkkk that whale stage in world 3.
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    with the recent trend of your threads lately, thought the title read "how do you deal with black pain"
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    do it! i love my trx! i use it for reverse flies, inverted rows, and chest flies. best $99 (usually $150) i spent this year. my back and shoulders look and feel amazing!
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    They actually meant 6 flops: Six of Thots, State of Dickay 2, Lucky's Gay, Crackwhore 3, Quantum Bitch and Recock
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    Japanese fighting game designers must be laughing their damned assess of @ KI. One of the ugliest art styles ever.
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    It's only a problem when they change historical figures, but when it comes to aliens and fantasy characters I don't care as long as the story doesn't suffer.
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