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    Lemmings have had a big backlog of PS4 and Switch games to watch on YouTube
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    A bunch of the game of thrones north of the wall scenes were filmed on this glacier
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    I just got back to the states. Here’s some pics, though they really don’t do the environment justice
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    These are actual banners on his website
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    Its amazing, Sony isn't going to E3 in June, therefore the PS5 must be announced quite a bit of time before June 2019. So, we're basically under 6 months of a PS5 announcement..........but there's no leaks on PS5 development, or games. People are genuinely trying to peddle that logic right now.
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    ............I see you are well-versed in this need. Go right ahead.
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    Bullshit. Oh well, I'm still rockin' Project 64.
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    Dwane Casey apparently learned how to call a play at the end of the game. He still sucks at time outs though. It is what it is. Raps been missing a lot of shots the last while and the injuries are starting to pile up here. Hopefully Ibaka and Green are back tomorrow. Gonna need them for this trip with the back to backs. FVV has been pretty inconsistent.
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    Watching the GB quicklook. It looks like a student mod of the original games, im not even exaggerating. Theres no content or progression outside of a meager quest line doled out by audio tapes. No real NPCs, dialogue trees, settlements, no production or direction to anything. Bethesda really dropped the ball with this game.
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    Some virgin on reset pretending to be an insider. nothing to see here.
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    Is not that PS4 owners are bigger Rockstar fans, it is that lemcels are not gamers
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    Well Sony had the marketing rights and the Pro bundle. More importantly it had more exclusives to make the console more appealing.
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    This faggot has nothing on Mueller or Kavanaugh for that matter. Those are men with long strong public service records, Avennati is a pornstar lawyer.
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    Everyone fails. That's isn't a rancorous epithet. Lots of stuff goes wrong. I'm not going to list them. It would be endless. It was vague, too. Not sure what subject you're basing your question on.
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    83 for this crap? Did cuckold sites pad the scores? Should be way below a 6 when all is said and done. Unfinished, garbage corporate propaganda/social-programming game. This game has liberal think-tank monkey businesss all over it. avoid this game at all costs, and thankfully it's failing in sales so dramatically BF won't be coming back next time. Good riddance.
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    I was laughing at the idea of real time passing while using the pip-boy. That menu is a clusterfuck and isn't snappy at all. Bethesda games always looks somewhat outdated so I'm okay with it looking shit. Everything else sounds horrible though, this is basically a FO4 multiplayer expansion mod sold full price. lmfao
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    MS invested in exclusive marketing deals for both Battlefield V and Fallout 76. MS sure knows how to pick 'em.
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