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    The king is actually called The Dragon King.. bad ass
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    I'll clean my table I swear. The console itself sits clean. My own stuff, in cases. Dead or Alive 5 bought $12 isn't backwards compatible sits there left 4 dead. Erm.
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    It will be like a controller and mouse in one! Nerdsmells
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    shittiest city in the world
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    Lebron straight up owned the first quarter against the Heat. 19pts, on 8-10 shooting, with 3-4 from beyond the arc.
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    A new Aliens vs. Predator? Although if it's filled with microtransactions for warpaint on my aliens, decals for my guns, and helmet colours for my predators...
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    The original Sixaxsis controller was garbage for PS3. Way too light.
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    Considering how bad and uncomfortable sony controllers have been for a decade this shouldn't be an issue
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