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    The awkward moment when 2 dancing games >>>> than your entire 2018 lineup
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    Thank god Microsoft now sells the most exquisite and reliable hardware out there. The One X is a work of art.
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    Maybe him and jonb can pool their resources together since they always seem so heavily invested in what others spend their money on. I'm sure between his free PC emulators and jonb's MS reward points they could come up with a few months of gaming.
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    This is where Lemmings jump in to laugh at these specific titles, failing to acknowledge the entire Playstation AAAE's of this year, and their lack of a AAAE since most of us were in our 20's...
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    Please don't spend your money on something that I don't like or find much value in. Please!
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    So don't buy it. Simple. If $20 or $30 difference means so much for you maybe you should find a new hobby. Ppl here obsessed with what others do with their money
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    ...hyped UWP? What a massive flop that turned out to be.
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    Is your real name Scott Sauce?
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    I dunno. Their releases haven't missed Windows in years.
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    Actually I quit on the 3rd day, when the guide said there would be a 4th day. Shenmue 2 however is highly enjoyable, OG Shenmue is basically an early access 1999 title, that needed another 2 years.
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    Valkyria 4 is fucking hard. Just lost my first unit and there's nothing I could do about it. And this comes from someone who platinumed the first game. I'd suggest newcomers to play the game on easy because this is cruel.
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    Lol, yeah most times it end up like this: [Your memories prior to playing] [Your experience while playing]
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    No for real. If you want the best performance for 99.999% of multiplats and you don't own a gaming pc then X is the best gaming experience at the moment. I also don't think MS would give up on the high end market and will continue to release high performance consoles in the future as well as weaker(light) devices for the average casual gamer since they will be able to make amazing games and scale them down using cloud technology and be more playable on the other lighter consoles. The best game makers will continue to make games with better graphics that will support onward to 8k. It will happen and MS would never give up on that market. What people don't understand is that this is MS's starting point. They make the game to that scale. The best possible quality and to run on the best possible/affordable hardware. People who play it on the highest end console will always have the best experience while the original game is scaled down through processing and delivered to the lower end devices via streaming services. This is the future. Microsoft will continue on this path and WILL continue to make high end gaming consoles while competing with Nintendo and Playstation but their actual strategy is to capture the market. Once they dominate in the video game business then everyone will be calling gaming consoles just "Xbox" since it will be the only relevant gaming business left. PS may hang around but they will eventually lose a large audience. The coming generations will levitate towards MS even though you guys hate them so much now. My decision to face reality that MS's business plan is flying over people's heads while you will soon witness the fall of Sony and Nintendo. Edit: that's my prediction
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    And that has nothing to do with the product this thread is about. Clown.
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    most of those aren't even included in this, but nice job watching the video
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