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    Girl: How tall are you? Guy: What’s your weight? Girl: OMG, rude.
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    what kind of retard logic is that? you are surprised people post in a thread on a gaming forum? What happens if you don't make threads, einstein? Don't even know why you are here you clearly hate everyone
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    hard to get hyped about that ost when it's just a 3 second piano lick that any random passer by could do on a public piano
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    I imagine he's got like a pager from the 90's beaming Deeno signals clipped to his belt, which is barely holding up his jeans that are two sizes too large because he's still a hungry skeleton.
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    Forza Horizon 4 -Now a multiplat. Tomb Raider - the weakest the of the series since the reboot. Battlefield 5 - delayed, not complete at launch, already discounted. Fallout 76 - Well I think we've covered this one
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    'Cause all the other places banned him for being too racist.
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    GD becoming a MGTOW since his divorce?
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    that meme is classic that shit killed me when i first saw it.
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    When I think of xbox I just think of the opposite of fun. Just seeing the logo makes me think "bland, boring, uninspired, dull" etc.
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    LowTCP specifically told me that, just last week, that he doesn't really "follow news" He "observes news" like on a meta-level, to see its effect on people. The best way I can describe it is that he is observing how people react to news. So.............if I am to believe what he is saying at surface value (which I don't)......then he understands the concept that news can influence people. So, he's now trying to say that a foreign state like Russia making an attempt to influence an American public through social media and also influence news by releasing news-worthy hacked emails--he thinks all of that--never affected anything? I guess he didn't observe the Arab Spring.
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    Lol was i dead-on when i said jon would have interest if he had access? xbox has no fighting games
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    I deserve to be given a named credit for this report. They stole my work:
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    Hello, my name is Marc Hamill and this is my frightening story. I had a job at work at The Boathouse as a dish washer and worked late in the summer. Would smoke weed after work to relax but it would keep me vigil so I’d sleep in till 12:30 PM the next day. I’d turn my phone off so I wouldn’t be woken. One day I woke up and my whole life flipped upside-down. I got out of bed like any normal afternoon but I tried to turn on the TV and it wouldn’t turn on... the power was out. So when I turned on my mobile device and looked on it, there were a whole bunch of alerts. One from the government with alerts for evacuating the city - I thought it was just a drill - but when I listen into my message box from a couple friends leaving voice-mails, I knew something was up. The message relayed the time at 7 AM saying, “Shit has hit the fan and the military was quarantining everyone and taking them to an undisclosed location.” I went out onto the busy street, grabbing all my things and thought I would head to the city’s central hub - uptown Tswassen. The strange thing was how quiet it was and all the cars were gone. I was believing the messages I received of the evacuation. Almost up to uptown I see someone walking with a limp and try to hail him down to get some answers. He turned immediately and headed my way. It was weird because at first he was slow but he picked up speed as he neared me. My vision isn’t the greatest but from looking at him from 20ft away, I knew something was wrong - he looked dead. Grotesque. Skin peeling off, pale skin. Never thought I’d ever see the walking dead in real life, stand to be corrected. I realized he was trying to eat me so I fled to go down the street but realized I was surrounded. Sneaked through and almost made it out of the encirclement unscathed but one of the walkers bit my arm. I ran around them, bleeding from the bite on my arm, to Central City where there was military personnel. They greeted me with open arms. Rifle’s pointed at me I got on the ground. They took me into white tents, down the white vestibule tunnels into a analyzing station. After there analysis they told me how I was infected from the bite on my arm. I heard them talking and they said they must kill me. Specifically saying, “We must kill Hamill.” I guess they looked at my ID because they knew my name. I’m in my white room now, writing, waiting for the injection of poison, that will kill me, from the culling personnel. Today is December 1st and this is the last you’ll hear of from Mark Hamill, in Tswassen, Florida, United States. Love you, Mom.
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