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    Don't say I didn't warn you Holy fucking SHIT... Capcom are so fucking BACK. The RE Engine is insane.. DMCV looks just incredible too. This at 60fps on current gen hardware is just incredible.
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    I play Super Mario Party with my kids. I have 4 joy cons and it’s super fun and pick up for anybody. My one big complaint is the maps. 4 maps is far to few and one is so small. I really hope they update them with more or add some remade ones from older games. It’d be so easy to do. It’s really fun and my daughter has started taking an interest in games now. She even beat a boss in Odyssey by her self. She’s 6.
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    playing yoku's island express on my switch. that shit is fun as fuck!
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    what the fuck you want from me man stop stalking
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    Yeah, Miami is rough. Orlando, too. Tampa is nowhere close. Tampa has about the same violent crime rate as Seattle, which is about a third of the violent crime rate in Detroit, St. Louis, and Memphis, and lower than places like Boston, Denver, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, etc. I'm just really curious where the idea that Tampa is on the level of Detroit came from.
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    The entire contents of the PS Classic have been dumped too. It won't be too long from now that we'll be seeing this thing running ISOs of PSone games and possibly even emulating NES/SNES games down the road. The hardware is like 2-3x more powerful than the NES/SNES counterparts so it should be a lot better. I'm waiting to see if they will be able to update the PCSX ReArmed software for better emulation.
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    The life expectancy in Russia keeps changing so often, it depends on the amount of vodka poisoning in a given year. It's probably closer to 50 right now.
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    I doubt it . I can see "Play it First on GamePass" tho
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    Why do you make these threads 3x a week. Go ahead and eat meat for every meal. No one cares.
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    WTF. First off, Sekiro isn't some giant departure from the Dark Souls games, it's pretty similar in a lot of ways. Just like how Bloodborne wasn't a giant departure from the Souls games. It was Dark Souls in anything but name, with an actual dash and a gun in a Lovecraft inspired setting. lmao Secondly, the fanbase definitely wants more Souls/Bloodborne games. A lot of people are actually disappointed that Sekiro has no RPG leveling and online play. Chances are, Sekiro won't even sell as much as Dark Souls 1, 2 or 3 because of that. And you think somehow it's going to kill of their RPG series that got them where they are now, for good? What the flying fuck. I'm not sure what your agenda is when it comes to Sekiro, I saw you mention how it's far more interesting than their usual Dark Souls games, how it supposedly look so much better. Which I find very baffling.
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    I only saw this tweet because Cory Barlog liked it, but Trump
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    Everyone laughing at how Xbox has no games to speak of while lemmings discuss their favourite user interface
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    I loved that game, the ambiance was awesome!
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    It was Kameo: Elements of Power, Call of Duty 2 and Condemned: Criminal Origins for me.
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    your experience actually closely simulates xbox’s 2018, so feel free to participate in this thread.
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    Who said anything about percentages!!!!! ... then you immediately turn around an post a percentage because people saying X is more powerful is not accurate enough.... AutisticCop!!
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    ctr > mario kart 64 however, i played the hell out of mario kart 8. i'm done with this genre.
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