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    I deleted all the posts with those pictures. I know you run the forum cooke, but randomly posting that stuff shouldn't be acceptable even for you. If you disagree then you can remove my abilty to delete posts.
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    DS3 isn't there yet and no date has been announced, just that it is going. Maybe wait till Feb and just get Anthem then too ;)
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    My bad, but it looks like quote chains retain the content of the original post even if it gets deleted so the picture was still visible.
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    I got over 3h on my clock as well, though it's likely closer to 4h. First of all. WOW. Seriously, it's one of the most beautiful games of the generation. The art and design are simply STUNNING. I think I actually liked each level more than the previous. It just kept getting better and better for me. The music.. is simply PERFECT for this game. Just brilliant stuff all around. So this game has the looks, it has the sounds... but what about the gameplay? Well, here's where I was surprised. Because I honestly expected this to be dead simple. And.... it IS. But what's surprising about that is just how much they manage to get you to do despite that. From the beginning, I was worried in all honesty.. I thought it was too much walking between things that were supposed to be interesting, and that since there was only jumping, it was going to get old quick. The beginning is like that.. to it's detriment. However, DO NOT write the game off from the very first part. Because after each level introduces a new concept which the team intelligently incorporates into everything that follows. It doesn't over abuse each concept.. it's not going to test your dexterity, that's for sure.. but it beautifully brings those simple elements together, and guides you effortlessly through it's ABSOLUTELY beautiful world, driving you to keep on pushing ahead. Subtly training you to not forget to test out your new abilities in the main area because there's more there than you realized at first glance. (trust me.. I found a secret which I'm not even sure most people would know about.. but it has me wanting to find all the orbs, that's for sure) There's multiple parts in this game where I was stunned. I REALLY REALLY suggest playing this game with a good sound system with nice bass... because there's points where I just kinda welled up with emotion because of how powerful the sound/music was. I kinda just looked at my wife like WTF.. this is crazy lmao. About the puzzles... nothing here particularly difficult, although there was once or twice where I had to think a bit after failing a few times.. But here's the thing... Some of the puzzles integrated into the environment were really great. Same with the level design in general. You're guided along a quite linear path.. it's not like a Metroidvania imo. Each of the levels is fairly linear, but some of the environmental designs to gather the orbs you need in particular areas were REALLY good. And to me, they just demonstrate that this team has the ability to do great stuff in the future. And that's what it leads up to. This game has convinced me that this team is destined for success. I feel like it shows so much potential, but they purposefully (and smartly) hold back on really thoroughly pushing all their concepts as to give themselves a proper chance to grow as a studio, with a bigger budget for the future. I'm definitely looking forward to whatever they do next. 9/10
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    I'm still on Green, I was sad when the little helper dude jumped down that hole and he was gone. Even after I fed him all those apples lol
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    Mickey Mouse dies and is revived by the power of light cast by the love that Cloud has for Cinderella. Truly beautiful
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    Pointing out that Deeno's predictions were flat out wrong isn't bullying. Bullying is when we call him retarded for it. We do that, too. EDIT: Lmao you triple posting 'cause i'm living in your head rent free.
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    Lucky for you she had no issues to get lost when you wanted her to
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    I just got back from Target. They had each console with about one in stock on display. So what I can extrapolate from that is, jack shit.
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    ^ I Just saw that you have to put 1 hour into testing the game. So not sure if you've met that requirement yet, but you have until January 15th anyway. Also you get $10 in in-game currency. Turns out I'm not that lazy
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    finally catching up on The 100. A few episodes into s5 and its been terrific so far.
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    shall I continue cuz there are more goldmine posts from you. First few quotes, you stuck to your 11 million predictions.... at the time Switch was at 8 million. Which mean you expected only 3 WW million for Oct - Dec. You then go on to say it won't match the 7 million for Oct - Dec "not even close"..... AKA meaning it would be down for that period. You then go on to say say that Switch will underperform both Xbox1 and PS4 greatly in Nov. There’s even a quote where you said both Pokémon and Smash won't sell... I'll post that in a bit too. So Dynocrap, you saying it won't match last year's 7 million for Oct - Dec, you saying only 11 million WW for 2018 when it had already sold 8 million (meaning only 3 million for Oct to Dec)..... you said all that but you really meant was that Switch would be up this Holiday?
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    No. I'm permanently done with CS:GO ever since I got votekicked by an 11 year-old from a live match...for the 10th time.
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