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    Lemmings play Observer all the time because they have to observe what's it's like to have games to play.
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    i think a kid/teen should be forced to wait until 18 for a sex change. whether i'm right or wrong is possibly debatable (since i don't have kids). however, lots of young kids/teens struggle finding their identity. if it's illegal to have sex with a minor, since they can't properly consent, then it should be illegal to alter their bodies, as well. again, this is just how i feel. everyone is entitled to their opinions, even if i don't agree with them.
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    Nah, you guys don't understand. Smash actually only sold half that. Smash Brothers Ultimate and Smash Brothers Ultimate + Ultimate Fighter Pass are actually two separate releases with separate content, just like Let's Go Eveee and Let's Go Pikachu. -Some dumbass, somewhere
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    You can’t play technical specifications despite what lemons would have you believe
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    Transgenderism does not exist outside of humans. I don't see dogs gnawing off their dicks to become females but I do see male dogs fucking eachother
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    Here comes the left telling people how they need to feel and what to do and say LOL
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    i just need good games and I'm all set. You see, Im one of those people called "gamers." you may have heard of them at some point.
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    lol it's like a kojima reveal.
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    Nice, that other poverty setup doesn't fly here Donate it to some hermit lmao
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    You didn't watch. And it actually popped up in trending for me. But thanks for telling me "hard I looked" for this video. Lol you goof
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    Just to be clear.............we have caught Trump LYING again. First version was: Trump was never doing any business with Russia. None. Second version was: Trump was never doing any business with Russia DURING the campaign. Third version was: Okay, Trump was still talking with Russia about Trump Tower Moscow during the campaign, but nothing came of it, that got dropped. Except no it didn't get dropped, there's a letter of intent to build the Trump Tower Moscow, it seems like a deal is in place. Trump's excuse from the past 3-4 weeks has completely flown out the window. He FORGOT TO TELL US that he, more or less, has a deal in place for the Trump Tower and has a letter of intent???? Here's the other thing: How in the living hell did CNN get this????????????? Who would have possession of that document? -Michael Cohen, maybe??????? -Trump family members???? -American Intelligence agencies were somehow able to obtain it????? or -Russia We know, that out of all of those parties, Russia would definitely have that document. And now, this morning, Trump is ordering "full" and "rapid" withdraw of all troops in Syria. A move that immediately benefits Putin, like as if he's going to attempt another Crimea. I think Putin is cashing Trump out, and he's telling Trump to quickly do what he wants, or else he will release the kompramat on his. Russia is the one that gave the media that Trump Tower document to light a fire under Trump's ass.
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    I used to watch that show as a kid, still grateful its one of the reasons I dislike poor people
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    Phil has to be mentally ill or severely was a non gamer before he became head of xbox. Considering he has no knowledge of games, his favourite games were voodoo vince, max: curse of brotherhood, and other little baby games, i'm starting to think he just genuinely can't fathom what hardcore gamers want. Like, it's so out of his realm of understanding that he simply CAN't change his ways, no matter how many 3rd place finishes, no matter how many losses he takes. Why god, why couldn't we get a guy whose favorite games were ninja gaiden, lost odyssey, gears of war, halo, splinter cell? ANYTHING A look into Phil Spencer's though process: Exclusives: None, xbox will share everything, koombayah, but every other platform than us can still have exclusives, some of which I'll celebrate by streaming in their entirety over MIXR to remind my fans that we have nothing for them to play again this year. (GOW, Zelda, etc). Multiplats Fallout 76 (looks like a solid 4.0, this will be our headlining game in our most expensive Special Edition White Xbox One X bundle) tomb raider (xbox fans love strong, independent women) Battlefield Vagina (Xbox fans love strong, independent women) Studio Acquisitions Ninja Theory (Xbox fans love strong, independent women) undead labs (cheap, good 5.0 range studio) We Happy Few Dev (cheap, good 4,0 studio to round us out) David Gallagher's new studio (He made the Tomb Raider reboot, and xbox fans love strong, independent women). genius.
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    Thank goodness I don't have an affirmation problem like you guys do. lol This like a person who likes to dabble in some racism going out of their way to find youtube videos of black people affirming their viewpoints, and feeling awfully proud of it. You went out of your way to find that women to affirm your viewpoints. You........y-you really thought you accomplished something big, didn't you? lol
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