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    dude your hair looks always funny but this time it looks like a dickless pair of balls.
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    I love how you hid everything like we give a shit
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    If you having girl problems I feel bad for you, son.
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    its dumb in the best possible way. put it this way:whatever your thoughts are on sharks with lasers mounted to them will mirror your thoughts on the movie overall.
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    why are you owning so much, jimbo. you set the bar too high
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    I was forced to watch it and I'm not the biggest fan of superhero movies. But that movie got my crotch wet more than once, holy shit.
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    action, spectacle, and visuals - absolutely. cant speak for 3D though.
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    Honestly, I was expecting something with a bit more bite, but OK.
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    Lol I didn’t have it spiked up. That’s how my hair looks without hair spray/gel
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    Drop it to $30 and i'll buy it for the shell, gut it, and put a proper emulator in there.
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    Your new avatar is ready bitch
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    Move over 40yr old who does tech analysis at digital foundry
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    Lift up coffee table New stereo with atmos support 65" OLED powerplay mouse pad
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    Damn is he about to run for President? I know you Americans like cocky criminals in denial / sexual predators in office
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