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    Saucer: "LOL @ white knighting for Jer." WickedSimple: "No u!" Saucer: "You're still doing it." WickedSimple: "U mad bro!" I'll give WS this, he's the perfect Downs Robin to Jerry's Downs Batman.
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    Are all/most lofts upstairs? Maybe he meant redundant.
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    Don't let my bae bae see you calling me bae bae. I got her a ring lol. Craziest borrowed time relationship ever. I have. no idea how this is going to end lol Just made it home after 2.5 days with the broa. She falls asleep with my d**k in her hands.
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    small random shit. i don't like the gift part of xmas.
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    They both have a nice blue look to them. Synthetic style over raw power that is gow. I don't blame you.
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    Some night we should do shifts to see how long we can keep Jerry up. On Sidescrollers I kept him up until dawn one night arguing nonsense to see how far he'd go, and by the end he was so exhausted that his replies became really mild and short. All the attitude was drained out of them. I bet we could kill him from sleep deprivation.
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    This show is propaganda for building the wall
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    It's a parallel series, but there is some crossover which is great if you've seen the original Narcos; however, you can certainly start with Narcos Mexico - and it's not going to be like you're dropping in a standard series in its 4th season.
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    I watched I spit on your grave 2 yesterday and it was actually good. some scenes were hard as fuck. real spoiler: that bird box scene
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    No you don't need to but watch it anyways because it's great.
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    I read Freud. Quite a lot actually. Realtalk for a second here: I'm not saying women are deliberately hiding or repressing telling society what they want. I'm saying not even they know the truth. Women delude themselves. They literally know least what they want and what attracts them.
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    Lol Ike makes his girlfriend bark then stands outside and protests for her LOL
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    If you having girl problems I feel bad for you, son.
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    its dumb in the best possible way. put it this way:whatever your thoughts are on sharks with lasers mounted to them will mirror your thoughts on the movie overall.
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    dude your hair looks always funny but this time it looks like a dickless pair of balls.
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    damn...i really miss that game. gow was epic and probably the best game i played this year, but spiderman and detroit just resonated more with me.
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    fuck i miss that game. i have to get it back from my boy. he plat the game. mind you, he has 2 kids and never has time to play games - that's how much he loved it. his wife plat it too.
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    We made food. I got a full stomach. That's it.
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