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    LMFAO he literally eats meat with an entire stick of butter
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    Me & my boyfriend... whoops - I mean, “dogfriend.”
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    pistols are hard af. Dragon pistols in particular seem impossible for any normal human being to pull off.
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    Id hate on gamedrunks hairline for looking painted on with no product in but I couldn't because id kill to be 40 with thick ass hiar like that
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    Do upper twice a week; lower twice a week. The other 3 days are for rest. For upper, do 5 sets of a variation of a push up. Once you can do 20 reps, progress to the next variation. Do 5 sets of a variation of a pull up. Again, once you can 20 reps, progress to the next variation. i like to do sets like this: push/pull/push/pull/push/pull/push/pull/push/pull you can easily do this in 30 min, and every muscle will get hit. Contrary to what broscience suggests, push ups (especially archers) can build a big chest. I rarely bench. I do very advanced push ups instead. ——— for lower i would suggest getting some free weights and do weighted lunges, along with single leg glute hamstring bridges. If you don’t want to buy weights, check out this progression guide for legs. When you can do a perfect pistol, you have hit god mode.
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    That's some dudebro science right there. Granted that DynamiteCop is probably an ectomorph type that has trouble building muscle mass. But I'll guarantee you one thing, it's way harder to lose fat and maintain your body than building some muscles. Muscle growth isn't tied to how much fat reserves you have. Some sets of push ups every 2-3 days and a higher protein intake should be good enough for you. When you'll feel that soreness in your chest it means you're doing it right. Muscle tears is what makes muscle grow.
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    GD is having such a tough time with his post break up that he is spamming the forum with shitty threads. It's ok bitch, I'll bring Cooke so you can have a crying shoulder, then he can fuck you in the ass since you are this close to doing gay porn.
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    lmfao. that's dope. You should be on TV. With all that hair. So lovely. Yo broh's thinking "breh get yo stenchy lemming ass off of me fo I ultimate smash yo spine."
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    I eat whatever I want, my diet is a mix of just about everything, I don't work out but I'm physically active as a part of my work. I guess my goal would be to actually work out, build my chest and bulk up a bit. @-GD- I still do not understand how we weigh the same, maybe I have higher bone density?
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    The worst "diet" scams that exist are those grain bars, and other fiber labeled shit. If it says whole grains, throw that in the garbage and just get a Mars bar. It's better.
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    That was days ago, this thread seems to be on subject and Aza is a pussy so I shared.
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    It's really been forever since I've felt as sick as this. Went home for Christmas, had a great time, we came back later on Christmas day after a big dinner, and I was alright. Then later on in the night I started getting really deep chills and the sweats. My wife woke me up in the middle of the night because I was shaking uncontrollably and no matter what I couldn't stop. I'm a pasty ass motherfucker normally, but I was basically ghostly. Had a really bad fever and started coughing uncontrollably and my body ached with pain all over. It hurt to even just lie still. I'm not one for doctors so I was going to give it a couple days to see if it would get better.. and it has, but I'm still hurting quite a bit and have a terrible headache from coughing. My glands are swollen and I pretty much drugged myself out to try to deal with the pain. Finally today I swallowed my pride and went to the fucking doctor. I have a combination of shit and got some meds. I'm feeling a tiny bit better and think I'm on the mend.. but holy fuck.. what a terrible thing. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I'm feeling better. I've been looking at the forum but didn't even have the energy to post until now. It sucks when you can't even just lay down without your entire body aching. I wouldn't wish this shit on even Bhytre..
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    Yeah, it was a great, and trippy, experience. I look forward to season 5 too.
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    Bandersnatch. Pretty much got every ending and side option possible. Really enjoyable experience and worked pretty well but also ready for the regular BM season.
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    I started Spiderman. It seems good, but I can already tell the batman style combat is going to get tiring. Especially if its a long game.
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