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    TBF you do most of the work of owning yourself.
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    lmfao @Jon2B hyped below to be AAA and then referred to it as AAA every time thereafter whilst parroting the line "hobo pass gave us 3 AAAs this month!!1" referring to ashen, mutant year zero, and.............BELOW!!!
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    You called what? Inferring guilt or collusion based upon presumption? What the fuck is due process of the law... You did this same dumb shit with Kavanaugh, you looney leftists have no concept of the law, evidence or proof, you're insane. Whenever you think there is something, anything, you absolutely lose your shit and go all in, and it always ends up being nothing and going no where. You'd think you could have figured out by now that you're chasing ghosts.
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    yeah, what we really need is some next-gen godliness that only the 1X can provide:
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    Yeah this is yet another nothingburger that's going nowhere. You psycho dems need to give up your witch hunt, the election has been over for over two years lol. P.S. Alleges and confirmed are not synonymous you leftist fucking idiots.
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    It's interesting how social media has evolved from stuff that was pretty anonymous and faceless like ICQ, forums, etc and where all content was basically written. To something less anonymous and with less written content like Facebook and Twitter and now kids are only on stuff like Instagram and Snapchat which favor images and videos over actual written content. It shows a prevalence of appearance over actual content even if we are less anonymous it is also more superficial...
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    Quead Damage is the fucking GOAT of the necro-bump.
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    Oh lol, I put him on ignore a little while ago. I couldn't handle his weirdness anymore.
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    Johnny doesn't know that a message board keeps a record of all of the message he posts? Say it with me now: Slow. Johnny.
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    Jenb,too ashamed to admit he hyped a flop Xbox is a fucking embarassment.
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    Word. I was thinking of archiving all the old post and only allowing the og members access to them. Worry some motherfuckers will see the crazy shit we posted back in the day and try to ruin our personal lives with it.
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    SM is one of the worst things to ever happen in modern tech. It's true effects probably won't even be evident till multiple generations.
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    Kind of like how the immigration crisis started. ..................when xenophobes started trying to make a push for power and relevancy. Same thing with this "SJW culture war" It started when the common American young adult male started internally feeling like they were inadequate, and they needed somebody to blame.
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    it would involve them listening to another point of view and they can't do that
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    It will be hard for our sjw friends to come up with a rebuttal for this video. So, I feel like this thread won't go far.
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    Word by 2017 I was getting ready to start college
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