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    Thats cool you should come to Corn-Rages we have lots of insiders and devs including a promint dev who works on Call of Duty.
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    For one of the top companies too! ... a much lesser known subsidiary of it. Stay tuned for when I tell you what the best smartphone game (not on blackberry) of all time is, chances are I worked on it!
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    Do yourself a favor and just stop posting here. It ain't going to end well for your career.
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    This guy makes a ton of sense, would be a perfect antidote to Trump. An outsider rich smart Asian CEO who doesn't like politicians, doesn't pander to identity politics and has a plan for middle America This is it chief
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    Its universally agreed upon by scientists that we should just listen, but never respond. You don't give away your position when you don't know what's out there.
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    if it was an alien civilization then they are probably long gone by now
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    Isn't there tons of shit in space that gives off similar signals? None of which are aliens. This is just a different frequency so it deosnt' match up with anything they know so far...still hard to believe it would be aliens.
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    this is kinda my quick take already. I really don't give a F what russian names were mixed up, or the bullshit damage control afterwards. why is the US trump campaign hiring east euroeaners to dig into the elctions and help them win? Then lying about all these proceedings with the FBI? Sounds like you made a shady friend to do shady things. Do I think they hacked voting boxes and booths? No. But if you pooped on yourself in places you're not allowed to poop, you gonna say "I was aiming for my balls, not his balls. Then fghuouger was gonna pass it around to Kremlin. It's not as gay." ?
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    The Derpster Duo gets pwned again. Massive thread backfire. "Buh this needs it's own thread." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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    Somehow that makes the Switch hardware not a massive pos. But also not that surprising coming from someone willing to play DOOM at 30FPS and sub 720p for GYRO AIMING.
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    The leftist Sheep cucks have been raped. But bu Russia collusion CONFIRMED.
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    Xbox OneForzaGamePerYear
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    Feels good to no longer be the only cursed poster on this forum
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    I guess I was wrong. He got mad again in just one post. Sweetie...........Paul Manafort STILL took the internal polling data and gave it to a foreign state, did he not????? You do understand that is still the crime, right? And the people he gave it to are STILL working for Putin, right? You know you can't win this argument, you're trying to find a way out on a technicality. It isn't going to work.
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    Def worth a watch
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    I'm not watching a 6-hour anything on R Kelly
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    Hey parents. If your kid needs a phone get this Seriously, do them a favor.
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    He wrote a book called "the war on normal people" which can be very problematic. The left will attack him for not being left enough. They will yell and scream on twitter and make so much noise he will have to pull out of the race.
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