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    DualShack 4 > Xbox One controller, easily. Other than that I mostly agree.
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    Dude, these mother fuckers totally are... Try to tell me this isn't one fucking person...
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    I live in Texas and I've never seen or heard of a man calling another man sweetie.
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    https://www.gamespot.com/articles/kingdom-hearts-3-epilogue-video-will-come-in-post-/1100-6464354/ Actually a good idea that will go a long way to preventing pre-release spoilers.
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    i've seen nothing that specifically calls out conservatives thus far, just a religious nut which is the oldest, non-offensive bad guy trope in history. we'll see when the episodes drop but it seems pretty cliche thus far, nothing to get upset over.
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    I've owned all three for a few years now PS4: Great game selection Awesome first party original single player games. Friendly atmosphere for new devs creating new IP Console is snappy, UI fast as shit For an extra $100 Pro is an impressive with a 4k TV Horrendous controller. Don't even defend this fuckin light, weak ass battery having non ergonomic piece of shit with terrible triggers. Feels like a lighter fork springs. Fuck you Sony Bad multiplayer interface for parties No 4k blu-ray on the Pro Never use it for multiplats after 1x came out Xbox: 1x is a beast Best controller ever made to date Elite controller Best stock controller on the market Best multiplayer interface with parties and everything else Horrendous UI still clunky half a decade later No first party games or support and no incentive for creative people to develop new IPs Did I mention the UI holy fucking shit it's bad Where the fuck are the games Microsoft? Switch: Best handheld on the market Decent selection of first party games if you're into that weird Japanese shit Great ports for on the go gaming Pro controller is better than Dualshock but 1/Elite controller is still king Worst controller of the gen when in handheld mode. I have to hold it like I have arthritis to get any good combos in and then it actually gave me arthritis. Fuck you Nintendo Second worst controller of the gen when using joylesscons in TV mode. What even is this thing? Battery life sucks dick Graphics on 4k TV are straight up disrespectful That's about it.
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    ESPN has some games tonight. The Lakers v. Jazz is on at 7pm PST.
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    real talk the DS4 is not bad at all. it's gotten to the point where controller and online network are both up in the air, both are comparable. as for games though, xbone is beyond behind in all categories. No exclusives, the fauXclusives are all 5.0 level shit, and it gets skipped on japanese titles and indies. western multiplats (the worst games possible) it has covered though, minus some exclusive content that also goes to ps4 (to the victor go the spoils). Xbone is completely non-essential as a result
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    Calm down, sweetie. You're being hysterical.
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    Look at this dishonest shill lmfao. Only the battery complaint is a valid one, overall the X controller is simply better
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    Lol Jerry is the gay cowboy ROFL
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    [Whoosh] ......because they call women that.
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    that trailer was fucking great
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    don't waste time in the first area where the zombies pop up, behind the metal shutter. gtfo the way you come in as soon as shit hits the fan, then the another door opens and you get to go up to the 2nd and 3rd floor. the cop will call you back a second time to return to him, before i got back to him the second time the demo ended. there's a statue puzzle upstairs that i think you can do though, going to have to see tonight when i play it again.
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    Damn. Yeah I'm pretty hyped. Gonna try to beat RE1 HD this weekend. I think it's pretty short so shouldn't be a problem. I got an urge to start a Witcher 3 run though . That's probably a bad idea though.
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    Im sure referring to people as "sweetie" or some variant of, is something that your sjw types are known for.
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    Jerry is tapped in the closet, trapped in the closet
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    The Punisher season 2 trailer. It looks like its gonna go out with a bang
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    when he/they get here, this issue will be cleared up.
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