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    I don't plan on doing anything, but I did break down my gaming rig that I hardly used and made money off of it. That's a win in my book. It was good timing to sell the 8700K before it became irrelevant when the 9900K and eventually the 3X00 series Ryzens show up. I sold it for more than what I paid and nearly got MSRP for the 1080 Ti. These parts were in high demand and a bunch of Retardmij's bought it all.
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    Ramza... learn to read bud......read the thread title again. It says his campaign. Say it with me "His Campaign" Trump Campaign..... say it with me again... Trump Campaign. Paul Manifort was the Trump campaign manager..... say it with me again.... Paul Manifort was the Trump campaign manager. Now bear with me, this is where your pea brain might get lost. Paul Manifort (Trump's campaign manager) and his lawyers admitted to sharing the polling information with a foreign government. That's a FACT. He also did this while being Trump's Campaign manager. AKA the Campaign was colluding CONFIRMED by Paul Manafort himself. Consider taking up some ESL classes bro... your lack of understanding of basic English is appalling.
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    @Ramza is also ignoring the FACT that the information is actually on the actual court documents that Manifort and his own lawyers submitted.
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    And "gross" or "eww, gross" They talk like faggots bald beta nu-male cucks
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    "Yikes" as well Team sweaty
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    you like them, I like them, rempee likes them, hell 90% of the forum likes these games FU
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    So they datamined the demo (obviously this was going to happen) and apparently there's an unlockable fixed camera mode in the full game Also here's some shots of the PC version in ultrawide with a free camera mod. Game looks great
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    I know. I just agreed with you. XBOX took all the games away.
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    yeah found it wasn't in the demo tab f you use the "Max" graphics preset or set options to a value that your PC spec does not support, you may encounter bugs. If this happens, please select the "Recommended" graphics preset.If cutscenes stutter or if your display flickers, set HDR Mode to Off. pc gaming lol
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    Lefties have only one identity. It's all the same . Jerry pretending he is John Wayne when he is Gay Susan the Feminist lol Well John Wayne said sweetheart so I'm not gay
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    So you want DVD-like quality..............but worse, because Laserdisc is not a true digital format like DVD, its still analog. And it doesn't even get to DVD's 720 x 480 resolution, instead only being 425p. And you want to flip the disc in order to watch certain long movies, because it can't fit it on one side. 60 minutes max per side And chances are your laserdisc is going to break down or require alignment, because if its not properly aligned when reading the disc, you will begin having "crosstalk" when playing the disc. I inaugurate you that you will not sit and watch one movie all the way through. But I understand, you have alot of free cash from the fact that Xbox had no games. Go ahead and buy 20 laserdiscs.
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    You mean his personal lawyer of over a decade being indicted, pleading guilty for actions he took on behalf of his client 'individual one".... has nothing to do wkth Trump? You mean Trump being interviewed by Mueller in regards so such an indictment with his current lawyer trying to cut deals with the Mueller team about whether a sitting President can be indicted had nothing to do with Trump? You mean to tell me the Majority of Trump senior campaign staff have been indicted and found guilty has nothing to do with Trump. DynamiteCop
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    Did you miss all the guilty please and indictments? Or are you not playing attention? .
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    LOL Vini is pissed. The great thing about all of this is that I know that Aza is NOT a Russian bot. he's been doing pretty fantastic this past year (only annoying us with the PS5 2019 stuff). Vini, on the other hand..........is offering to do it for free, even Aza would laugh. LOL
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    Just to clarify, Konstantin Kiliminik isn't just some rank-and-file Russian GRU guy. He is one of the head guys there, and the Mueller team had identified him as being the main person who coordinated the Russian hacking effort on the DNC servers, if I remember correctly. This is definite collusion. Conspiracy to commit fraud.
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    The x sucks so much they have to give away shitty games
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