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    They're gonna feel so left out on Friday, forced to hide behind cows once more if they want to have any RE2 discussions
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    I really try not to even associate myself with them. Embarrassing group
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    No. If the reason for abortion is because the mother doesn't want to or can't care for it then yeah Im anti abortion, the state can help with that and give the child a home. If its because she was raped or if the baby is going to be born is life threatening deformities then I'm ok with it. My mom was pregnant with me when she turned 17, she was going to get an abortion because she thought her parents would disown her, turns out they changed her mind and my mom and dad got married and have been together since. It's kind of a shitty feeling to know your life could have been ended before you had a chance.
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    what? The disable signature makes it so YOU cant see anyone's signature. It doesn't disable your signature for other people. If you don't want to have a signature then remove it.
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    Again, if you want an opinion on an individual topic, ask it. I've been trying to explain how 'Centrist' on these quizzes doesn't mean neutral (unlike you seem to believe) to you yet it's gone over your head 3 times now. The quiz spits out centrist because I have views which are Market based and equality based (based on the individual subject). Or traditional based or progressive based, based on that individual subject. Ask a question about a specific topic like each of those specific questions and you'll get an answer (when I have time). Simple. Till then, enjoy your merry go round.
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    all it needs is one exclusive and it'll have already taken out 1/3rd of its competition.
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    lol Over 1 million young girls across the country, raped, groomed and drugged city by city by muslim gangs. The councils cover it up, the politicians cover it up. Anyone who raised the issue was sent on a diversity training course and were shunned as racists. You think that shit would have been happening under the Nazis? no, because they would stand up for their own. Definitely more appealing than what is being offered these days.
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    Shouldn't lemmings pack their bags until it's Forza season then?
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    Like all those that get racist or homophobic remarks on their receipts? or those who have their hijab pulled off? and then in the end it always turns out to be made up? Yeah the left lie about everything. It's always been one of their weapons.
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    Yeah they're competent in completely different things, in terms of 3D rendering AMD's cards fall behind in terms of floating point but their mathematical computing capability is off the charts.
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    Because the policies you pushed on us are so horrifying that it's become appealing.
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    Sorry, I mean "literally Hitler"
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    I don't know of anybody that has listened to a decent amount of Royce and thinks he isn't one of the best. Underappreciated more so than underrated, but semantics. He deserves to be bigger. Had two of the best albums of 2018.
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    Gayest shit I heard in a long time.
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    I mean, that was kind of a given. I guess it's nice it's confirmed but if you're remaking RE2 then that's definitely going to stay in since the game was literally designed around the idea.
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    So I can keep track of count, exactly what there is, value etc. It's for me and insurance purposes.
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    What studios? Because again, if you can name a studio that gives me any kind of confidence that they can make a new Spyro/Crash/Sly/etc I'd really rather they just work on something where they don't have the baggage of an existing property to deal with. Sunset Overdrive is kind of the perfect example. I loved that game and it still had a lot of the Ratchet and Clank/Infamous trappings, but they were able to do more with it than they would have with a R&C or Infamous sequel. Giving it to some mediocre team that works within a well defined framework and doesn't put any creative flourish on it wouldn't interest me at all, but if people are so desperate for a return of Spyro then the Yooka Laylee devs probably need the work.
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