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    So where's the response? Edit: I see. So he "Liked" your tweet. Microsoft buying Bandai Namco confirmed.
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    Holy shit this place has changed good to see some people are still here 😁
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    I sent a Tweet to the brand director of the Ace Combat franchise and I got this in return. It's not saying anything but it's acknowledgment at least so maybe we'll see some improvements.
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    Leftists can't wait to punch and destroy a kid's life for doing nothing but showing restaint in front of a person drumming in your face. Fuckin morons
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    Welfare as a concept assists stability, welfare as instiuted in the American system is arguably detrimental to the longterm stability. The incentives are misaligned.
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    Yeah i’ve heard nothing but good things. @roflpwnedzMy PSVR should be arriving soon so I’ll post impressions when it does.
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    Give this broad a billion dollars and watch her be the opposite of everything she’s saying now within 10 years
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    Poor people should just die to be honest
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    dynocrap is so dumb, he invents new ways to self-own himself.
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    No you wouldn’t have. You’re a coward. You’re boasting on an Internet forum about assaulting a child. You’re a wieney and you need to take a good hard look in the mirror.
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    You still use your judgment at the end of the day, clown. Reviews are only a way to get more concrete information on any given game, not necessarily rush to the stores to buy it because someone said '9.5/10'. Not like I don't watch trailers and unadulterated gameplay footage as well. You are such a peasant, remove yourself from my presence.
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    Nice. I’ll get the Xbox version and preload that bitch.
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    the CEO controls the bank. They are the most important person at the company Who exactly do you think the CEOs are? And let me give you a hint....Blankfein, Goldberg, and Eisenberg aren't ""German"" names. No privilege at all, huh?
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    Cows paid $400 extra for a 10fps difference
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    +Macy's gift card, + 5 games, + $20 rebate in unleaded gas, + mail in rebate for $50 @ your local Pharmacy + 2 rainbow deco controllers (Also works with Windows 10!)
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