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    Hey @Cookester15can you give jehurey a posting limit like jimbo?
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    I’m in the minority of people who enjoyed it, but yes. I think you in particular would enjoy would enjoy the Leon campaign.
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    Oh-ow, OH-OW ! They literally meant it when they said "2019 and beyond"
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    They do exist, they are miserable people with shit lives like you
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    Use this thread to mourn the loss of $500 wasted on the PS4's Pro's shadow, A.K.A the Xboner X. "It's a monster", indeed. Let's put this monster out of it's hideous, deformed, fauxK, no-exclusives having misery. Ladies and gentlemen, the biggest lie ever told: Xboner X: Launch Lineup: The World's Most Powerful Console: PS4 Pro: XBoner X: "The Biggest Games Play Better on Xbox One X": Ace Combat 7 Monster Hunter: World Resident Evil 2 Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 You Can't Give it Away: $100 More, Already worth less than PS4 Pro Unwanted, Why? Rejected From the Market Place "it's a monster" Time to put it out of its misery!
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    I enjoyed it, it's cheap and I feel worth a play. Chris' section is action oriented, Jake's is more RE4 in nature and Leon's is more traditional survival horror. I thought it was a good game.
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    wow, its not every day that a person openly admits he's going to derail a thread, beforehand. Making it easier for the mods, I guess.
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    Could have been avoided if they didn’t make the dumb decision to have Namco do it in the first place.
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    So this thread is now about sales or exclusives? Never said it's a huge accomplishment or anything but getting major 3rd party games released on your platform is crucial. It's something Switch is still unable to achieve with all that record breaking sales. Yeah the Xbox One could definitely do better with their exclusives. But that has little to do with sales, the platform holder is still gonna release their games on their platform no matter what.
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    Emotional fortitude of a 14 year old girl. If DF is making money what is he bitching about.
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    People that base their entire time on the internet trying to act like they are above people......people that tell others that they shouldn't be treated as an adult....when they are middle aged and cant support themselves. lol. Yeah, your kind of people. Weak boys, fake men, miserable cucks
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    I've been back here now 7 mos. and this is probably the first thing we agree on.
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    Your dad owned a company. Probably your dad bought your condo. Otherwise, if you were a regular Mexican, you would be throwing down parties with the rest of your 20 roomates on your studio room in Cali.
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    this thread really sucks. context matters as always. I left my home (my father raised me and 3 siblings ALONE) when I was 17 because everyone left at that time. My sister 3 years older than me, my brother 6 years older than me. My sister moved out, and then my bro got his own place (he was living with us until he was 23). I moved out and still went to school. But where I live you get "paid" for it. Had my own place at 17 at 20 moved into a flat with 3 other of my friends until I finished my degree. We dropped it 4 years later and now I have my own flat again.
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    Even the freaking PSVR has better first party support than Xbone. A less than 4 million VR userbase is better taken care of than the 40 million plebs who bought the One. First party Astro Bot Rescue Mission, free Wipeout VR patch Second party Tetris Effect, Firewall Zero Hour, The Persistence, Deracine (From Software) Timed exclusive deals Borderlands 2 VR, Ace Combat 7 Upcoming first party exclusives: Everybody's Golf VR, Blood and Truth, Dreams
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    Most of these people don't really care anymore on what happens next when they've come to the point where they cross that personal threshold, fear of consequences is out the window. At the end of the line it's this fear that keeps people in check, what do you do when that goes away? School shooters, the Vegas hotel shooter, suicide bombers, guys who have nothing to lose, before you manage to kill them they already managed to take out numerous more lives. They'll do more damage than you can do to them, you can't win against such individuals.
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