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    Spot on. Detroit's character's (2 out of 3 of them anyway) are written very well for a video game and have more heart than most other games. Not to mention it is truly the only game that truly has choice and consequence with proper differing paths that influence the entirety of the game. Not the illusion of choice like nearly all Telltale games and most other ones of this genre.
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    RE4 is fucking garbage, Jehurey Don't even put it in the same sentence as RE2make The camera was never RE4's problem... it was the lack of horror or puzzles, the waves and waves of stupid looking enemies. The stupid castle location with a lava pit right inside the dumb fucking characters the fucking Ashley escort mission What a shitty RE game. RE2 is as close to pure RE with over the shoulder as you can get... and that's why it's awesome.
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    WTF does it look like? He's stunned. Not dead. Goddamn, do you need someone to explain every little detail?
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    When Arena get a 7.0 or above let me know :P
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    Resident Evil - 2.75 million Resident Evil 2 - 4.96 million Resident Evil 3 Nemesis - 3.5 million When they abandoned PlayStation and went to platforms outside of their player base as the main platforms. Resident Evil Code: Veronica - 1.14 million Resident Evil - 1.35 million Resident Evil 0 - 1.25 million Resident Evil 4 - 1.6 million They changed Resident Evil into what RE4 was because of poor sales, it seems pretty obvious the games and their style were not the problem but rather the platforms they chose to represent those games. Resident Evil 4 bombed, totally, it was attached to the GameCube, what in the fuck were they expecting?
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    It's always been a shitty Resident Evil game, it's bolstered by a generation of people who never touched a Resident Evil game before. The funny thing is it also didn't sell that much, people think it saved Resident Evil when the reality is it actually bombed and sold near identical to the titles they left behind so they ported it to every conceivable platform on earth.
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    The SERIES was survival horror before RE4... "Action horror" is a description made after the fact that people played and realized there was nothing "survival horror" about the game. Oh and no... Dead Space 1+2 are the pinnacle of Action horror RE4 sucks... deal with it lmao
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    Hopping around on chandeliers QTE's running from boulders Having to constantly fuck around with your inventory turning things and slotting them in just right so you could hold more Roundhouse kicking every fucking enemy GARBAGE
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    I also forgot the "What'chu buyin?" merchant What a fucking dumb fucking thing... Survival horror... but there's this merchant that follows you around and sells you weapons and ammo and shit Clown ass shit! Thank god survival horror Capcom is back
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    What happens when the 2 streamers playing it go to sleep lol
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    RE4 is hot garbage and it's nothing like the RE2 Remake. Are you retarded?
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    I think REmake is better than RE2make so whatever. I do think RE2make managed to satisfy old school fans though. Weighty controls, ammo conservation, actual puzzles, all of that is in. REmake and RE0 are probably the two most beautiful games ever though.
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    No, I'd still pay money ($15) for a fixed camera DLC for this game that reworks it for function. Also why do sheep care about Resident Evil, you guys haven't had a real one in 14 years
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    My fat ass is on this DAY ONE. Another banger for Nintendo #TooManyGames
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    If you would pay attention you wouldn't need someone to explain this simple shit to you. There's a difference between hit-stun and a stunned state. When you see him reel back but quickly recover, which stun do you think that is? When you see him drop down, completely immobile, what stun do you think that is? Hope you don't hurt your stupid, little brain trying to figure this simple shit out...
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    And this is why I have never left South Florida. I’ll be hitting the beach on the morning
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    Poor people should just die to be honest
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