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    LOL! This one is even better:
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    Use this thread to mourn the loss of $500 wasted on the PS4's Pro's shadow, A.K.A the Xboner X. "It's a monster", indeed. Let's put this monster out of it's hideous, deformed, fauxK, no-exclusives having misery. Ladies and gentlemen, the biggest lie ever told: Xboner X: Launch Lineup: The World's Most Powerful Console: PS4 Pro: XBoner X: "The Biggest Games Play Better on Xbox One X": Ace Combat 7 Monster Hunter: World Resident Evil 2 Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 You Can't Give it Away: $100 More, Already worth less than PS4 Pro Unwanted, Why? Rejected From the Market Place "it's a monster" Time to put it out of its misery!
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    What does it matter who the 3rd parties were? and What games were they? The split of 60/40 million sellers means that third-parties are able to sell well alongside some absolute MONSTER Nintendo first-party games that sell gangbusters. These Nintendo Switch games are selling as crazy or if not crazier than Wii first-party games. Yet the third party situation is completely different. Smash Ultimate 12 million in 3 weeks, are you fucking kidding??? On what, 25-28 million userbase? RDR2 sold 17 million in 2 weeks, with a userbase of about 105-108 million. And RDR2 had two whole years of pre-orders because it was announced a long time ago.
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    i think think this is something i'll dig. i tend to like more chill experiences now (getting old? lol). i will pick this up. thanks!
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    I'd probably say it took me 40-50 hours? That was with me ignoring a lot of the side stuff...didn't do any real hunting/fishing, not a whole lot of exploring outside of going where the missions were (which covers most of the map anyway), didn't spend a ton of time interacting with people at the camp. Definitely the story path. It's super easy, I only died a couple times and that was just because I got cocky. I failed a few missions because Rockstar has some pretty obscene requirements on the path they want you to take/how close they want you to ride with people, but I usually resumed pretty close to where I was. Overall it's pretty relaxed with some more intense story missions/cutscenes sprinkled in.
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    Thanks, but it's not really all that impressive. There's dudes who are beating this game in like 1:06, so compared to that my time is laughably bad. Does make me curious how the hell they're doing it though, I feel like it all has to be Police Station oriented because I don't really see how you can improve the route in the Sewers and the NEST. Those two areas are pretty straight forward so there's not much wiggle room for route optimization. I'll probably check out youtube later just to see how they're doing it. I prefer playing as Claire, I find her a bit more fun. Everyone plays at their own pace, you like to take it nice and easy apparently. I'm the type that'll just play a game constantly until I get burnt out on it. I enjoy REmake 2 but after my next run , I think I'm done with the game for a while. I've done like, 15 playthroughs since it's released? I'm ready to move onto another game but I'll come back to REmake 2 to check out the free DLC that's coming out soon.
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    1:46 ATM but my aim was just to get under two hours, it was more of a pseudo speedrun rather than a full blown speed run. I don't actually time the Mr. X segments but I'd say I get through this segment in about 10 minutes, I guess? Parts for what? Weapon Parts? Depends on the character. I don't bother with getting the SMG upgrade parts with Claire because I don't find them worth it but I'll take the 10 minutes it takes to get the upgrade parts for Leon's Magnum. All the other weapon parts are usually along the main path so you don't really have to go out of your way to get them. No, I don't do an actual speed run, it's just as you get more familiar with the game you're able to beat it more efficiently. You figure out more optimal ways to get through things and you start memorizing where key things are and memorize puzzle solutions.
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    I remember spending hours in lbp making a level and the end you jumped over an Xbox and they deleted it
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    That was actually a really good commercial, their other one was kind of hokey but this one seemed very genuine and heartfelt. It's nice to see that these kids who are so otherwise limited being able to take part in something we've actively taken for granted our whole lives.
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    Wow Nintendo alone sold almost 100 million software on Nintendo Switch. And Switch is not even 2 years old yet.
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    If Switch was as strong as XBX, had all the same games, the Nintendo games would still sell this much.
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    RE4 is fuckin' brilliant and the fact you dumbasses are in here actually trying to claim it's a garbage game and that it's "not a RE game" just proves you don't know a goddamn thing about what makes a game a Resident Evil game. You idiots never understood why the series was designed to be the way it is which is why NONE of you have been able to actually describe what makes a "good" RE game. You can't describe it because you don't actually fuckin' know. Basically, you're ignorant, therefore you can't actually say that RE4 isn't a good RE game because you don't what a RE game is to begin with. Mikami's main intention when it came to RE's design was to make the player feel uncomfortable and unease. Everything about the game's design was done to evoke those feelings. -That's why the controls were intentionally made to be bad, he wanted the game to feel awkward to play. -That's why the game used fixed camera angles, he wanted the player to feel unease about what could potentially be off screen. -That's why the game has limited inventory, he wanted the player to question if the things they're carrying is the right decision. The horror theme is just a logical theme to apply to this type of design because the point of horror is to scare people (ie: make them feel uncomfortable and unease). And this is why Mikami is a genius when it comes to RE4, he realized this approach to the design doesn't work anymore. Players were no longer uncomfortable or felt unease when playing these games. The controls weren't awkward anymore because players got use to them. The fixed camera angles didn't work anymore because players were conditioned to take advantage of them by moving to a corner and firing shots off-screen. Inventory management was no longer a concern because players figured out how to exploit Item Boxes (perfect example for you- look how easy it is to stockpile resources to make boss fights a joke, you can even do this is REmake 2). That's where RE4 comes in. Since the old approach wasn't going to make players feel uncomfortable or unease anymore, Mikami had to use a new approach. The controls changed but the original intent to feel awkward is still there. Enemies are designed to constantly pressure the player but the player can not move AND shoot. The situation feels uncomfortable and the player is forced to make a decision- fight or flight. Knowing when to fight and when to flee is the key to survival. If you choose to fight, you risk allowing yourself to get surrounded. If you choose flight, you risk cornering yourself or potentially running into a worse situation. RE4 got rid of fixed camera angles but the intention of the viewpoint is still there with the new camera. Leon is placed far down in the bottom corner with the camera positioned over his shoulder, your spatial awareness to your side and behind is lost. The most important detail here is- you have blind spots. These blind spots are integral to making the player feel a sense of unease since enemies are constantly trying to surround the player. Keeping an eye on your blind spots is vital or you will die. RE4 got rid of the Item Box because the intent of the limited inventory was lost. Players were exploiting Item Boxes so inventory management was no longer a concern, so Mikami just straight up got rid of the exploit. You can no longer stockpile everything in RE4 because your Attache Case isn't infinite. You can only keep what you can carry and hope that the things you are carrying is what you need. Sure, you can stockpile certain things but there's a drawback to that. The items you're saving for later use are taking up valuable space for the things you need at the moment. Sure, you can run around with all these guns but guns and ammo for those guns take up a LOT of space. The Attache Case forces players to really consider what they truly need and what they don't, it forces players to MANAGE their inventory far better than Item Boxes did. Item boxes did not force the player to make hard decisions because an Item Box lets the player have it all and simply pull stuff out when you need it. "Survival Horror is re-defined" wasn't just some fancy marketing slogan. Mikami LITERALLY did that with RE4 while still maintaining the core ideas of what a RE game is. It's been said by many that RE4 is a game that constantly throws curveballs at the player but the truth is- RE4 in general is just one big curveball. It took everything players knew and expected from a Survival Horror game, things players have become comfortable and at ease with, and just flat out changed them to get the player to go back to feeling uncomfortable and unease. You dumb motherfuckers are so focused on just looking at the game on the surface level that you are completely oblivious to the fact that RE4 is still a RE game down to it's very core. Mikami's curveball hit the haters right in the fuckin' face and they're still trying to figure out WTF just hit them. I'll tell you what hit you- arguably the best RE game in the series.
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    and yet you expected both Smash and Pokémon to flop...... Smash then goes on to sell over 12 million in THREE WEEKS and Pokémon 10 million in Two months
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    @lynux3 PS4 outsold Switch WW in 2018 by 890,000 units, just thought you would like to know that.
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    I had to suck a few cocks to by the lastest Xbox. But I was mad when I found out that it wasn’t just me that blows.
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    Actually looks cool to me. I like first person dungeon crawler but they all look so shit now, especially the Japanese ones Aza likes to play. This looks much better.
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    I feel like Fighters in general have been a letdown this gen. I don't care for GG Xrd, the game just feels off to me and I don't like how the systems work. DBZ's netcode is atrocious and the game doesn't have much depth. Tekken is just... Tekken. I feel like the series needs a strong shot in the arm because it just seems to play it too safe. I haven't even bother with SC6 but judging from matches I've seen, I probably wouldn't care for it.
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    Last time I booted that game up I was greeted with a face full of locked characters . When I looked to see how much it cost to unlock them all it was like 80 bucks. Turned it off.
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