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    Look at that lineup look at the branding and imaging here, too LOL. it's a BARGAIN-BIN CONSOLE! can it get any worse.Locked out of marketing all the good multiplats, can't manage even one 3rd party exclusive, and their own 'fauXclusives' are all sub 5.0-level bargain bin shit. You made the right choice, Mal. A base PS4 is worth more than a BonerX imo. Hell I just gave away my OG phat 'Bone for free to someone in need, sold all the games while they're still worth more than a quarter. 'Bone ownership is the biggest mistake you could have made this gen, just get out while you can.
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    Howwww. Just how can one person be so fucking stupid. I'm actually legit blown away by just how mentally retarded Dyno is. It's nearly offensive to me as a species. Holy fuck, this is the peak of the peak of dumb in arguable SW history. The earnings reports and multitude of posts are so damn clear that Stevie Wonder could see it. PSN: 3.98bn for Q3 PSN: 12.5bn for 2018 Playstation overall: 20.72bn. There is a million reports on how PSN alone is larger than Nintendo's entire 2018. There is a thread at Era with countless posts and not one dumb motherfucker as Dyno in it So for the calendar year 2018 (using the current conversion rates), MS gaming division made 11.5 billions, Nintendo made around 10 billions, Playstation made 20.72 billions. Almost the same as both combined. https://www.resetera.com/threads/psn-generated-more-revenue-than-nintendos-total-revenue-and-microsofts-whole-gaming-division-revenue-for-2018.97022/ PlayStation Network generated over $12.5 billion USD of revenue in 2018, The analyst noted PSN's $12.5 billion is "higher than Nintendo's total revenue for 2018." Sony's network also beat out Microsoft's gaming division last year, which generated $11.5 billion, according to Ahmad. https://au.ign.com/articles/2019/02/01/playstation-network-revenue-hit-record-high-in-2018-topped-nintendo-and-xbox-totals How is this even being argued Some fucking clinical retardation in here. FMD
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    Nice blog, I hope you tell us all about your impending bowel movements as well.
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    It's pretty much impossible to top 18% approval rating, riots, and worst president in 50 years. So you're saying Le Pen would be worse than that? who the fuck are you deluding except yourself?
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    You do realize that there are more white people on WELFARE in those welfare states right?...... no wonder "white flight" ia happening and they're running to the welfare states. Bro... I already told you... im using your own dumbass logic against you. You're the one who immediately ran to race with white flight and white genocide BS. and now that it's backfiring... you're running.... "white flight" indeed
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    The Resetera lemmings are livid LMAO
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    Every Single Game this Year Runs Better on PS4 Pro It's a monster It's a mon-mon... monster It's a monster It's a monster It's a mon-mon... monster It's a monster Xcucked
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    It's just Q3 he's talking about dude, stop being such a fucking retard. He says FULL YEAR in the other tweet and that's 12.5 billion.
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    How did you get $700m from $20.72B - $11.5B? Deeno math kicking in.
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    GD jugging the tears of his victims
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    Enjoyed the beach today South Florida winters
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    and yet you expected both Smash and Pokémon to flop...... Smash then goes on to sell over 12 million in THREE WEEKS and Pokémon 10 million in Two months
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